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A different kind of adventure

"We saw a lot of the world and we met a lot of amazing people, but at some point, we were like, okay, now it's time for us," says Linda, as she describes wanting to start a family with her partner Renwe. In a refreshingly frank conversation, the couple shares their pregnancy journey, and how they went from traveling the world together to overcoming challenges as a team.

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Becoming Mom

Cece and Debbie share their pregnancy journey and how they started their family with the help of a donor. "How do you become a mother when you're not pregnant?" asked Debbie. It's a question she initially grappled with as fiancée Cece carried their baby, but now she's fully embraced her role as mom and is very open to share their journey.

Mom Cece holds their baby while mom Debbie strokes her hair. On the right, expectant mom Cece cradles her baby bump. 

How to choose the best play yard for your baby

A play yard provides your baby with a special place no matter where life takes you. Bugaboo offers tips for choosing the right one.

Baby resting in play yard with dad nearby

How to choose the best compact stroller for your family

With a Bugaboo compact stroller, zip around the city and easily fold and store your stroller. Here’s what to look for when shopping.

Young family with a Bugaboo compact stroller

Life with newborn twins: Tips for surviving and thriving

Life with twins is both a joy and a challenge. You can count on it. Learn how to survive and thrive with these tips from Bugaboo.

Parents experiencing life with twins

21 Best gifts for new parents (and their babies!)

Show your love, care, and support with the perfect present. Bugaboo offers this list of gifts for new parents to help you choose.

New mom with her baby

23 Adorable baby shower themes for any family

Hosting a party for an expectant mom? Bugaboo offers 23 baby shower themes to cater to the mom-to-be, no matter her style!

Women discussing baby shower themes at a party

What’s in my Bugaboo changing bag

Chic and spacious, the Bugaboo changing bag can hold whatever you and baby might need. Want proof? See what mama of two stores inside.

Mom with changing bag

How to avoid stroller tip-overs, accidental rolling, sunburns, and more

There’s a sense of security you get when your kid is in a stroller. Parents feel in control, and that their child can’t get into harm’s way. And as long as you stay mindful of a few key things, it’s as safe as can be.

Couple pushing stroller

10 Baby must-haves for first-time moms

Expecting your first child? With this list from Bugaboo, stock up on the baby must-haves for first-time moms.

New mom with her baby

The ultimate guide to car seat safety

Understatement of the year: Going anywhere with an infant isn’t easy. But if you make sure their car seat is as secure as possible, you can at least rest easy knowing that your child will be protected whenever you’re on the road.

Mom putting car seat in car

Do’s and don’ts for snacking on the go

There’s no denying kids love a snack. But when you’re out and about in the car or stroller, there are a few important things parents and caretakers need to keep in mind.

Kid eating in stroller

Fourth trimester: What to expect for you and your baby

The weeks after birth are often called the fourth trimester. Bugaboo explains what to expect during this time plus tips for thriving postpartum.

Mom and newborn in the fourth trimester

Nesting during pregnancy: Signs and tips

Nesting is not just for birds! With Bugaboo, learn about the nesting urge that many women experience and how to take advantage of it.

Pregnant mom nesting in her baby’s nursery

12 adorable gender-neutral nursery ideas

Create a gender-neutral nursery that expresses your family’s personality. Bugaboo offers ideas and gender-neutral baby products.

Mother and baby in gender-neutral nursery

Second trimester: What to expect for you and your baby

During your second trimester, your baby and your belly grow a lot! Read about what to expect plus Bugaboo’s tips for what to do.

Pregnant woman in second trimester

On-the-go sleep safety tips

Staying home for every single nap and bedtime just isn’t realistic. What is? Making sure babies sleep safely wherever you happen to be with these tips.

Mom pushing stroller

17 exercises you can do with your baby

Exercise with your baby along for the ride. From walking and hiking to lunges and abs, check out this list from Bugaboo for ideas.

Mother exercising with her baby

What's in my bag: Organizer

“With my 4 kids, my organizer is always stuffed,” says mom and photographer @the.shipshow. See what she packs in this multi-purpose bag for her daily strolls.

Bugaboo organizer on stroller

Top ways and must-have products to keep your baby summer cool

Summertime brings sunshine and warm weather to your life; it’s the perfect time to go out adventuring with your baby and discover new sights under the sun.

Toddler looking mischievously at the camera from behind a red Bugaboo breezy sun canopy

How to get stains out of car seats in 8 steps

Sometimes mess just comes with the kid territory. Wondering how to get stains out of car seats? Bugaboo offers eight steps to cleaning.

Smiling mom with baby in car seat

Car seats on planes: What parents need to know

Opting for air travel with your baby? Bugaboo offers what you need to know about using a car seat on the plane.

Baby riding in car seat on plane

Top baby must-haves to stock up on

What are the baby must-haves and what can you do without? Read Bugaboo’s list so you can be prepared for your baby’s arrival!

Dad holding baby

25 best baby shower gifts for any family

A baby shower gift that’s as unique as the family you love? Find the perfect present with this list of ideas from Bugaboo.

Expecting mom with baby shower gifts

19 must-have stroller accessories in 2022

With the right stroller accessories, head out on adventures rain or shine! Bugaboo recommends 19 must-have additions for your child’s ride.

Family walking with stroller accessories

The third trimester: What to expect for you and your baby

It’s your third trimester! Read about baby’s growth, what to expect from your body, and how to prepare for your newborn.

Pregnant woman in third trimester with her partner

Favorite stroller accessories according to Bugaboo staff

Discover some of Bugaboo’s most loved accessories straight from the source - Bugaboo employees. Our team members dish on their favorite stroller add-ons.

Mom pushing kid in stroller

Baby sleeping tips for the first 12 months

Every baby is different, and you are also different depending on whether it's your first, second or sixth child. Ultimately, it takes time and patience, but as a sleep-deprived parent, you might feel overwhelmed and like you're doing it all wrong, especially if you're a first-time parent. Fear not; there are solutions and support backed by science and good old-fashioned experience from other parents.

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Top summer travel essentials for adventures with your baby

Planning a summer adventure with your sidekick? From easy storage solutions to seasonal accessories, look no further than this list of summer travel essentials to keep them strolling and smiling no matter where you venture.

Baby in stroller

Flying with a baby: Tips for a safe and happy trip

Flying with a baby doesn’t have to be a headache. Read these tips from Bugaboo to learn how to make travel as smooth as possible.

Mom flying with a baby

The Essential Newborn Baby Checklist

Preparing to be a new parent can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many baby products to buy that will make life easier for you and your child but sifting through all the recommendations and offers can be hard work.

Smiling couple with their baby and stroller by a lake with trees and ducks

Why you need a stroller organizer, plus how to pick one

A stroller organizer keeps everything you need within arm’s reach. Read these tips from Bugaboo to learn how to pick the perfect one.

Stroller organizer on handlebar

How to choose the best all-terrain stroller for your family

An all-terrain stroller makes off-road adventures possible! Bugaboo discusses top features to look for to choose the perfect stroller.

Dad with baby in an all-terrain stroller

Hospital bag checklist: What to pack for the big day

What should you bring to the hospital when the big day arrives? Be ready to roll with this hospital bag checklist from Bugaboo.

Woman writing hospital bag checklist

How to put your baby in a car seat the right way

Wondering how to put your baby in a car seat? With these tips from Bugaboo, learn how to ride securely with your child.

Parent putting baby in car seat

7 tips for choosing a lightweight stroller for your baby

Don’t let your stroller weigh you down! Read these tips from Bugaboo to choose the best lightweight stroller for everyday adventures.

Parents pushing their baby in a lightweight stroller

What’s in my Bugaboo changing clutch

No changing bag is complete without the Bugaboo changing clutch. Mom and influencer, @taramoni_, shares what she packs inside her changing clutch, aside from diaper change essentials.

Mom with Bugaboo changing clutch

Your ultimate vacation guide for traveling with kids this summer

Spring is in the air, and summer vacation is finally in sight. It's time to dust off your Havaianas and get ready for your first adventure post-baby, but perhaps you're wondering what you need?

A family of four enjoying a day out; the father is carrying a Bugaboo changing backpack and pushing a Bugaboo stroller, while a toddler is standing on a Bugaboo wheeled board

What parents need to know before buying a car seat stroller

A car seat stroller combination offers seamless transportation from stroller to car. Know what to shop for with these tips from Bugaboo.

Mom smiles at her baby in a car seat stroller

Top baby-friendly summer adventure spots in the US

This summer, take flight and hit the road with your co-pilot to these far-flung places and out-of-town spaces that welcome your sidekick to explore.

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What's in my bag: Changing backpack

Discover how influencer @sarastrueby, mama to an almost 2-year-old, stays prepared with her Bugaboo changing backpack and what she packs inside for days on the go.

Mom changing baby

The ultimate baby registry checklist for expecting parents

Cover all your bases with this baby registry checklist from Bugaboo, including what to think about as you decide what you need.

Expectant parents with their hands on the mom’s pregnant belly

5 adventures that are twice the fun with a second baby

When your crew grows from one to two, you can have twice the fun on your adventures together. Consider this your go-list for second-baby explorations that invite your co-pilots to learn, play, and bond.

Family walking with two dogs

How to choose the best travel play yard for your baby

Make on-the-go naps and playtime as easy as one, two, three. Read these tips from Bugaboo to choose the perfect travel play yard!

Dads cook while their baby plays in a travel play yard

Car seat installation guide: Tips and advice from the experts

Car seat installation should be quick and easy. With these tips from the experts at Bugaboo, you’ll be ready to roll in no time.

Mom installs a car seat in the car

How to choose the right side-by-side double stroller for your family

A side-by-side double stroller lets your kids bond while on the go! Bugaboo answers questions to help you choose the perfect one.

Mom pushing side-by-side double stroller outside

Top stroller-friendly hikes to go on this spring

The United States has some of the best natural scenery in the world and to the surprise of many parents, there are tons of amazing family hikes allowing hikers of all ages to enjoy their own adventure.

Couple on hike with baby in stoller

The complete infant car seat buying guide for new parents

The right infant car seat keeps your baby safe on the go. Bugaboo shares the features and benefits to look for when shopping.

Infant in a car seat with a pacifier

Baby stroller buying guide: What to look for when you shop

Let Bugaboo help you find the perfect stroller for your family so you can be ready for whatever adventure comes your way!

Child with a teddy bear in a stroller

Twin stroller buying guide: The best features to look for

Looking for a twin stroller to smoothly tote two in style? Read about Bugaboo’s top features to keep in mind when shopping.

Two babies in twin stroller

What to look for in a bassinet stroller that will last

There’s a bassinet stroller for every family. Read Bugaboo’s list of what to look for in a bassinet stroller whether you have one, two, or three kids.

Mom walking her baby outside in a bassinet stroller

The complete double stroller buying guide for new parents

With Bugaboo’s help, choose the perfect double stroller for double the kids and double the fun! Consider these factors when shopping.

Little boy holds his little sister’s hand while she sleeps in their double stroller

Experts share how to clean a stroller in 7 easy steps

Wondering how to clean a stroller? The experts at Bugaboo are here to help. Hint: With detachable, washable fabric, cleanup is a cinch.

Parents pushing their baby in a stroller

New Bugaboo Bee 6 — rediscovering life in the city

No matter if you are a first-time parent or a more experienced one, the first year after your baby's arrival is a time filled with unconditional love, unexpected challenges, and creating memories together. The city will be the place where you will be able to embark on new adventures. Rediscover what life in the city means to you and your family, with the best companion by your side. With Bugaboo Bee 6, the city is your playground.

A couple crossing the street with their Bugaboo Bee 6 city stroller in the seat configuration

Sleep expert shares 5 top tips to help your baby sleep while traveling

Following the launch of the Bugaboo Stardust play yard, Rosey Davidson, founder of sleep consultancy brand @Just_Chill_Mama, answered parents’ questions on sleep routines and what to look for in a play yard.

Baby comfortably sleeping in the Bugaboo Stardust play yard with zip-in bed

Bugaboo Stardust: reinventing bedtime and playtime with our new play yard

Everybody knows Bugaboo for reinventing the stroller business 20 years ago. This year we bring our own unique perspective to parenthood once again, making the complicated, uncomplicated. We proudly introduce the Bugaboo Stardust: the 1 second unfold play yard.

Stardust travel cot

Style by Barber

Barber Ebbinge is the Styling Director at Bugaboo's Innovation department. Together with her team, she is responsible for how Bugaboo products look and feel, making sure all products are remarkably beautiful and functional. What she loves about design at Bugaboo is that "we are colorful and free-spirited, we want to put a smile on the face of our consumers, and we are pioneers at heart, trying to find better solutions and new ways." In Barber's own words, "We want to take the road less traveled. Therefore, the inspiration never stops."

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

What’s new: Bugaboo Fox 2 and Bugaboo Donkey 3

When we started thinking about the next generation of our Fox and Donkey strollers, we talked to owners of previous models, experienced parents and parents-to-be to better understand what was needed and what problems we could help solve. Ready on to learn about our journey through researching, designing, testing, and launching our two newest arrivals.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Calling all the Super Moms: Bugaboo wishes you a Happy Mother's Day!

On this Mother's Day, we want to take a moment to appreciate all the moms who work at Bugaboo. We asked some of our colleagues what 'being a mom' means to them and want to take this moment to celebrate them. Let’s hear more about their routine as they embrace multiple roles in their lives and work day-in-day-out to bring the Bugaboo products and the stories behind their creation to you.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

In conversation with Gray Malin

For Spring & Summer 2020, Bugaboo partnered with acclaimed fine art photographer Gray Malin on the perfect summer accessory: the breezy sun canopy in a limited edition print featuring Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. Perfect for creative, design-loving parents, Bugaboo by Gray Malin brings the beauty of the beach to every adventure.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Buzzing around the city, traveling around the world

You’re on your way to your favorite café. The streets are swarming with bustling city life. And all you need is for your baby to sleep so that you can enjoy a chat with a friend—or a 5-minute coffee break for yourself. That’s where the Bugaboo Bee comes in.

Follow the Bugaboo Bee 5 Coral on its trip around the world

Five cities, five photographers—and the most comfortable city stroller. Meet the Bugaboo Bee 5 Coral, a stroller made to stand out in the city. For this limited edition, we’ve asked five young, talented photographers from around the world to capture it in action.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Small stroller, big adventures

Great things really do come in small packages. Meet the Bugaboo Ant, our lightest, most compact travel stroller yet—and designed for your next adventure.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

In conversation with Bas Kosters

A lot has happened since Bugaboo’s first collaboration with the artist and designer Bas Kosters in 2005. But some things never change – the collaborative energy, the two-way boundary pushing, the innovative design aesthetic and, of course, the friendship.

A few of my favorite things: Mónica Diago’s urban chic

Madrid-based architect Mónica Diago shows us a few of her favorite things which inspire her work and daily life with her two children.

Where it all began: celebrating 20 years of Bugaboo

More than two decades ago, one man had an idea. It was an idea so visionary that it would revolutionize an entire industry and forever change the way we think about strollers.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Loved by parents since 2005

An icon from the start, the Bugaboo Cameleon has been helping families get out and explore for more than a decade. In this journal, parents from around the world share their Bugaboo love stories and tell us why the original stroller is the one for them.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

The art of motherhood with Cathelijne Biskop

Did you know we like to use real families to showcase our strollers? This month, we catch up the face behind our Bugaboo Fox Classic campaign — artist and mother Cathelijne Biskop.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Design story: the Bugaboo Fox Stellar

Join us behind the scenes to find out about the inspiration and design story of the Bugaboo Fox Stellar.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

On the road with @likemiljian

This month, we chat with the Miljian family about life on the road with two young children and find out how they make it work.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel

In this month’s Journal, we speak with mother of two Coral about traveling as a family and her Moroccan adventure with the Bugaboo Fox.

Creating the Bugaboo Atelier collection

We take you inside Bugaboo’s atelier where our products are crafted – from concept to creation.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Bugaboo by Diesel: the making of a denim masterpiece

“We thought again and again that what we wanted to create simply wasn’t possible!” - Annegien Polderman, Lead Engineer, Bugaboo. We talk to the team in charge of designing and creating the new Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection, available now. What does it take to make a masterpiece of engineering? The beauty is all in the details.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Bugaboo Hearts Denim

“Denim is a unisex, versatile and no-nonsense material. It’s also kind of rebellious! All of these qualities make it a perfect fit for Bugaboo” says Madeleen Klaasen, Chief Marketing Officer at Bugaboo.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Get your own Bugaboo

Our strollers are made to last.

From the women of Bugaboo

In honor of International Women’s Day, we want to take a moment to celebrate the amazing women who work behind the scenes at Bugaboo North America. Read on as they share some insights they’ve gleaned throughout their careers, motherhood and everything in between.

Mom pushing stroller