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Tips for Life with Newborn Twins

Life with newborn twins: Tips for surviving and thriving

Life with twins is one big adventure! And while it may be a stressful, wild ride at times, you can also count on so much joy. Some days may feel more like survival mode, but we also believe that you can — and will — thrive with twins.

In this article, we’ll offer 11 tips for life with newborn twins, including treating them as individuals, using a play yard, planning for storage, working as a team, and more. So whether you’ve just become a parent of twins or you’re anticipating their arrival, keep reading.  

Tips for starting your life with twins

1) Talk to your pediatrician as needed

Twin newborn babies

Any baby needs to see the pediatrician for their regularly scheduled check-ups. But you and your twins might need a little extra support from your pediatrician. Why?

First of all, twins often come early, making them smaller than a full-term newborn. This means they may need extra care or more follow-up from the pediatrician. 

Secondly, breastfeeding two newborns can be quite different from breastfeeding one. If you’re struggling to get the hang of it, don’t be discouraged! A pediatrician or lactation consultant can help in this area, depending on your needs. 

Talk to your doctor and make extra appointments as needed.

2) Treat them as individuals

Twin boys playing together

If you’re preparing to meet your twins, keep in mind that you’re expecting two different babies that will simply be born on the same day. 

Since twins are born together, it can be easy to treat them as one unit, especially if they’re identical. But don’t forget that they are two individual people. They will grow up to have unique needs, passions, interests, and emotions. 

Even though they may do a lot together, treat each of your twins as the precious individuals that they are. 

3) Know that you will make it

Life as the parent of a newborn can be hard. Make that two newborns and on many days, you may feel like you’re completely in over your head.

You may feel intimidated before your twins come along, and you might feel overwhelmed once they arrive. But rest assured that you’ll make it. You will raise twins! It’ll be hard some days, but you will do it.

4) Ask for help 

When you’re doing life with twins, hard days are inevitable. Don’t go at it alone. Ask for help, whether that’s help with the babies, help running errands, or anything else you might need. Find your friends, family, and neighbors that are willing to help and have them on call. 

It can be especially helpful to have a chat with another parent of twins who is experiencing (or has experienced) the twin life. 

5) Use a play yard

Dad with his baby in the Stardust play yard

With two babies, you’ll need to free up a hand or two at times. To give one baby your full attention or to get something done around the house, put one or both of your babies in a secure place, like a play yard

For a highly portable play yard that’s a cinch to fold, opt for the Bugaboo Stardust. Thanks to its all-in-one design and built-in mattress, it unfolds in one second and folds back together in three seconds. This is truly a game changer for a parent of two. 

And, at only 17.2 pounds and five and a half inches wide when folded, the Stardust is made to move. It’s easy to fold and pack up, whether you and your twins are going to the next room or traveling across the country

With a built-in mattress that’s adjustable to two heights, this play yard is convenient for parents since it allows you to easily lift your newborns in and out without bending over. Perfect for postpartum moms

Last but not least, the breathable mesh and chemical-free and high-quality fabrics guarantee your babies’ comfort and security. They’ll be comfy, and you’ll rest easy. 

6) Take care of yourself

You might be so busy taking care of two babies that you feel like you have no time to take care of yourself. This is, in part, the reality of life with twins. A lot of your time will be taken up looking after your two babies. But it’s also of utmost importance that you care for your own needs.

For example, don’t hesitate to ask a friend for help so that you can take an hour or two for yourself. Get outside for a short walk. Hit the gym. Treat yourself to a warm bath when the newborns are both sleeping. Order your favorite food for a pick-me-up during the day. 

Little acts of self-care can go a long way. 

And, of course, keep an eye out for signs of postpartum depression. A professional can help if you aren’t feeling like yourself.

7) Buy two of only some things

When preparing for life with twins, it may seem like you need two of absolutely every baby item. The good news is that this may not be true. 

When creating your baby registry, think carefully about which items you’ll need or want in pairs (such as cribs, fitted sheets, high chairs, and the like). With some baby products, you’ll only need one even though you have two babies.

To make these decisions, we recommend talking to parents of twins. Each family is unique, and you’ll need to take your family’s needs and preferences into account. But talking with a parent of twins can give you an idea of what has worked for them and what could work for you.

8) Plan for storage

With one baby, you have a lot of baby stuff. With two, your house is filled to the brim with baby products. Plan out your storage to keep things as contained and organized as possible. This is especially important if you live in a small space in the city

If you prefer, ask a professional to help with storage and design so you can make the most of the space you have. 

9) Purchase a double stroller

The Donkey 5 double stroller for twins

A stroller is a must-have for any new parent. But as a parent of twins, you’ll either need two strollers or a double stroller that fits both of your babies (and everything you need for the ride). 

We recommend a versatile stroller, such as the Donkey 5 Twin. This stroller offers a side-by-side configuration for your twins to ride together as well as the mono configuration for outings with just one baby — plus storage galore.

It converts from a single stroller back to a double stroller in only three clicks so you’re ready for whatever the day holds. 

A double stroller that comfortably fits two doesn’t have to be so wide that you can’t fit through any doorways. At just 29 inches wide, this Donkey 5 double stroller fits through standard doorways. 

And it’s easy to maneuver. Even the lightest touch of a finger gets you and your babies rolling, making it perfect for navigating life’s twists and turns. 

Outfit your stroller with convenient accessories, such as a cup holder and smartphone holder, as well as an organizer, and you’re ready to go. 

10) Work as a team

If you’re raising twins with a partner, it’s important to work as a team. There’s no doubt that life with twins is a joy and delight as well as a challenge. Face the difficulties together and rejoice in the wins together. 

Focus on communicating well and working as a team. And invest in your relationship as much as you can — even in small, everyday ways. 

11) Use scheduling and routines to your advantage

Bathtime routine is part of life with twins 

Although some days might leave you feeling like a schedule is impossible with twins, use scheduling and routines to your advantage. 

For example, put a simple bedtime routine in place (such as a diaper change, putting on pajamas, singing a song, and a goodnight kiss) and stick to it. Learn about newborn sleep patterns, and create an eat-play-sleep schedule. 

Although you’ll need to be flexible, schedules and routines can help reduce the chaos and let you and your babies know what to expect.

Loving life with twins

Family enjoying life with twins

Life with twins is nothing short of an adventure every single day. Although it can be challenging, with the tips we mentioned above, you’ll be able to survive the hard newborn days and thrive every other day.  

Talk to your pediatrician and schedule visits as needed, treat your babies as individuals, ask family and friends for help, use a Stardust play yard to free up your hands, and purchase a stroller made for two, such as the Bugaboo Donkey 5.

The right products, habits, planning, and perspectives can go a long way toward helping you love life with your newborn twins!