Twin stroller being pushed on a sidewalk

Twin stroller buying guide: The best features to look for

If you have twins on the way, you’re in for double the fun! Even though life might get crazy with two in tow, a twin stroller will allow you to carry on with your adventures and create all sorts of memories with your kids.

To help things go smoothly and make all your plans possible, it’s important to choose a twin stroller (also known as a double stroller) that will suit your family and your needs. In this article, read about several twin stroller features to keep in mind as you shop.

Twin stroller features to love

Multiple configuration options

Some strollers are forward-facing and some are rear-facing. Meanwhile, others offer both options.

Choosing a twin stroller with multiple configuration options allows you to switch up the direction the seats face based on the mood or the needs of the day. And the option of multiple configurations continues to accommodate your growing kids over the years.

For example, the Donkey 5 Twin is designed specifically for twins to ride together. It gives you several options with two stroller seats or bassinets that can be arranged to face you, face each other, or face the exciting path ahead.

Made for children from birth to age four, this twin stroller will see you through the years to come.

Ample storage

Twin stroller with underseat basket

Having twins means twice the fun and, usually, twice the stuff as well. A stroller with ample storage space makes it possible to carry the necessities with you while you’re out and about.

While most strollers offer some type of under-seat storage, check for additional storage options so you won’t be caught unprepared.

In addition to a roomy under-seat basket that can store up to 22 pounds of goodies, the Donkey 5 Twin stroller can be used with an organizer that easily attaches to the handlebar with sturdy Velcro straps.

This organizer is water-repellent, has multiple pockets, and even converts to a hand tote bag. And for the days when you’re out and about with just one child but lots of stuff, convert your twin stroller into a single stroller with a side luggage basket that carries another 22 pounds.

The good news is that plenty of storage space doesn’t have to mean a bulky design. A slim and manageable stroller is the ticket for weaving in and out of where you need to go.

Slim and manageable design

Dad pushes twin stroller with under-seat storage through a doorway

Even though you’re strolling with two children, it’s possible to find a twin stroller that has a slim and manageable design. Look for one that is narrow enough to get through important doorways (like at your favorite coffee shop) or navigate crowded metro stops.

Keep in mind that you have two options when it comes to a double stroller: inline (or tandem) and side-by-side.

With seats one on top of the other, inline strollers can be the width of a single stroller. On the other hand, side-by-side stroller seats are next to each other, making these strollers wider than a single but not as bulky as you might think.

There are pros and cons to both inline and side-by-side strollers, but we think one big advantage to keeping your kids side-by-side is the sibling bonding that can happen while you’re on the go!

With side-by-side seats, the Donkey 5 Twin is only 29 inches wide — not quite two and a half feet. This makes it an ideal option for bopping around town.


Child standing with a twin stroller

A manageable design allows you to stroll with ease, and a transportable stroller allows you to (literally) pick up and keep going. Look for a twin stroller that is light and features an easily foldable design so you can tote two kids without losing mobility.

Whether your lifestyle means that you’re in and out of the car or up and down the metro steps, you’ll want a stroller that can be folded, carried, and unfolded in a cinch.

In addition to looking for a light stroller, check the dimensions to make sure the stroller will fit in your trunk when folded.

Wheel suspension

Wheel suspension is a must-have twin stroller feature not only for runners but also for city strollers with snoozing babies. Suspension means shock absorption and minimum bumps for smooth jogging and bump-free naps.

Easy pushing

You’ve probably never given stroller handlebars a second thought. Now that you’re a parent (or parent-to-be), you’ll want to do a serious handlebar assessment before buying a twin stroller.

We’ll let you in on a tip: A stroller with one, long handlebar is easier to push one-handed than a stroller with two handlebars. But it doesn’t stop there — some single handlebar strollers, especially in double formation, still require two hands to comfortably push.

One-handed steering is a big deal because it allows you to take a call, look up directions, or take a sip of your favorite drink while you walk. To make pushing your stroller a breeze, look for one that starts rolling with a single finger, like any of the Bugaboo strollers.

We also recommend opting for a double stroller with a handlebar that adjusts so it perfectly fits your height. The Bugaboo Donkey 5 handlebar adjusts from 33.46 inches to 41.73 inches. The goal is stroller comfort for both you and your little one!

Access to snacks

Young child eating in a stroller

No matter the type, style, or configuration of your stroller, there’s one thing that cannot be overlooked: access to snacks and drinks.

Even though your child may not be chowing down on snacks yet, they will be before you know it. Plus, we think you’ll always appreciate an easily accessible sip of your favorite drink.

Choose a stroller that comes with a built-in special spot for snacks as well as a drink holder for you. Or, ensure that these types of add-ons are available (like the Bugaboo cup holder and snack tray) for when you need them.

Sun and rain protection

Speaking of add-ons, when shopping for a twin stroller, check that it offers items that will keep you going no matter the weather. For example, a sun canopy and rain canopy protect your child through rain and shine.

Our Runner rain cover, made for Donkey Twin strollers and featuring a 180-degree zipper, provides easy installation as well as easy access to your little one. And you’ll be able to see your child at all times through a transparent surface that also allows natural light in.

On sunny days, extend the Donkey sun canopy on your stroller for head-to-toe UPF 50+ protection (except for the breezy mesh panel for ideal ventilation). To jive with your style, choose from different colors to create a bold, contrasting look or pick a canopy to match your stroller base.

Our Breezy Sun Canopy is also an excellent option for providing head-to-toe protection against sun rays while allowing the breeze to keep your baby cool.

In addition to sun and rain covers for all-weather walks, prep for cold weather with winter accessories, like a wool seat liner, soft wool blanket, and footmuff.

Bugaboo footmuff in a twin stroller

Our comfy Bugaboo wool seat liner is double-sided so you can choose a side based on your style and the weather — one features pure wool and the other has a grey mélange knitted cotton jersey. Both ensure a soft, cozy ride for your two partners in crime.

This seat liner also offers temperature regulation, moisture control, and quick washing and drying so you can get back to your plans in no time.

That brings us to our last point.

Easy cleaning

With all the adventuring you and your crew will do in your twin stroller, easy cleaning is essential. One of the most important factors for easy cleaning is detachable, machine-washable fabric.

We know that simple clean-up can save you a lot of headaches, which is why most Bugaboo fabrics can be easily detached and thrown in the washing machine.

If you’re not sure how to go about cleaning a stroller, we recommend taking it apart, vacuuming what you can, washing the fabric, wiping the base down, and allowing it to air dry.

Of course, this process depends on your particular stroller. But you can read more about cleaning your Bugaboo stroller here.

A twin stroller for twin adventures

A quality twin stroller with all the features you need is one of the best investments you’ll make! The right one will make all sorts of adventures not only possible but also simple.

As we mentioned in this article, some of the features you’ll want to look for are multiple configuration options, good storage, slim design, transportability, easy pushing, and sun and rain protection.

The Donkey 5 Twin is an excellent option for strolling with two and making it look easy because it is easy! With the right twin stroller, you’ll be ready to enjoy all the good things that life has in store and take the rest of it in stride.