The Essential Newborn Baby Checklist

Preparing to be a new parent can be both exciting and overwhelming. There are so many baby products to buy that will make life easier for you and your child but sifting through all the recommendations and offers can be hard work.

This checklist has been created by us at Bugaboo to help you narrow down your search. We’ve divided it into four sections - travel, sleep, play and feeding - and only listed the most essential items. Even if you buy these and nothing else, you will be well set up for when your baby arrives. 

Baby essentials for travel

Smiling couple with their baby and stroller by a lake with trees and ducks

Here at Bugaboo, baby travel essentials are a real priority. We’ve seen how products like strollers improve parents’ day-to-day lives, by providing practical solutions to the everyday need of travelling with a child.

Stroller, Pushchair, or Buggy

The stroller - also called a pushchair or buggy - is frequently listed as an absolute necessity for parents. Strollers give parents much-needed autonomy, allowing you to continue walking from A to B with your baby. They come in a wide range of designs and can be bought according to your personal preferences and lifestyle. For instance, lightweight strollers are ideal for families who frequently use public transport, and the bassinet stroller will suit parents with a newborn.

For more information about the different types of strollers, check out our guide to buying the right stroller. You can also take a look at our stroller bundles, which feature a range of accessories and matching products.

Car seat

Like the stroller, infant car seats are a real game-changer when it comes to going about your day with a baby. If you drive, they are a very important purchase, as they make car journeys safe for your baby. They provide head support, shock absorption and stability, so that you can worry less about bumps in the road. 

You can even buy a travel system, which allows you to attach and detach car seats from your strollers so that you can lift your baby from stroller to car without waking them. 

Grey Turtle Air by Nuna infant car seat

Play yard

Play yards are a very useful product for parents with young children. Foldable and portable, they can be taken with you on days out, to friends’ houses or on weekends away. They’re even great just for taking from room to room so you can keep your little one in sight as you go about your day at home. All you have to do is unfold them and lay your baby down to get comfy. 

Different play yards can come with different perks and added features to increase ease of use and comfort. For instance, the Bugaboo Stardust play yard unfolds in a record one second and has a height-adjustable mattress to make lifting your baby in and out of bed easier.

Read our blog to find out more about the Stardust play yard.  

Black Bugaboo Stardust travel cot in standing position

Sun canopy

Designed to protect your baby from sun, rain, wind and any other harsh weather conditions, sun canopies really are a vital accessory when it comes to travelling with your child. They are often made to easily attach and detach from your stroller or bassinet. Some are even washable and come in multiple colors, like the Bugaboo sun canopies, which also offer UPF 50+ sun protection. 

Bugaboo pushchair with a blue-grey sun canopy

Baby essentials for sleep

Baby sleeping in a Bugaboo baby cocoon, inside a Bugaboo stroller with black sun canopy

Babies need plenty of rest—and so do parents! But this isn’t always easy to achieve with a newborn. There are certain products that can help everyone in your family get a good sleep, and that help you keep your baby safe through the night.

Baby blankets

Is there anything sweeter and more wholesome than shopping for baby blankets? We don’t think so. Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, and often made from the softest of materials, baby blankets are a staple item in any newborn’s life. At Bugaboo we are very proud of our beautiful soft wool baby blanket, made from breathable, washable and ultra-cuddly Merino wool.

Bugaboo soft wool baby blankets in white, pink and grey


Something we learn quickly as parents is that babies are quite good at deciding on their own bedtime. Maximize your child’s sleeping opportunities and prepare for spontaneous naps in the stroller with a footmuff. These accessories fit snugly into your stroller, effectively turning it into a super cozy little bed that will keep your baby warm from top to toe.

Bugaboo baby footmuff in sunset red

Baby Cocoon (Newborn inlay)

Baby cocoons are similar to footmuffs, but are made for bassinets rather than strollers and are suitable for newborns. Bugaboo’s newborn inlays are designed to help regulate your baby’s temperature and keep them comfy while they’re out in their bassinet.

Baby monitor

If your baby is down for a nap or fallen asleep early while you’re still up and about, a baby monitor is vital. These let you hear whether your baby has woken so you don’t have to keep checking on them. You can even buy baby monitors that can track your baby’s sleeping patterns, provide video as well as audio so you can see your baby and that can be connected to apps on your phone or smart watch. 

Night light

As your baby gets older, they might start sleeping in a different room, or in a crib further from your bed. This can make certain things harder, such as adjusting to changing light levels. Night lights come in all sorts of adorable shapes and sizes and are low enough to not disturb your night’s sleep while still providing comfort to your little one.


Baby essentials for diaper changing

Dancing parent and child indoors next to a Bugaboo stroller with yellow canopy

Diaper changing isn’t the most exciting part of being a parent to a newborn—which is why any product designed to help with the task is a gift. Here we’ve listed our top three items for making changing a breeze...or, at least, a bit simpler.

Diaper bag 

Diaper bags, or changing bags, are hugely practical and often stylish, too. They’re great for when you’re out with your baby and need somewhere to store all your toiletry essentials, including diapers, wipes, rash cream, changing mats and even a spare set of baby clothes. 

Diaper bags are usually designed with several pockets and compartments for ease of access to your products. Some even come with changing mats or, like Bugaboo’s changing bag, can be attached to your stroller.  

Blue Bugaboo nappy changing bag on a Bugaboo pushchair

Changing mat

Having a dedicated space to change your baby is great for creating a sense of routine and also to help stop the process from taking over whole rooms or surfaces. Easy to clean and portable, you can take changing mats with you wherever you go, as well as buy ones that fit onto a changing table.

Diaper bucket

Diaper buckets, or diaper pails, are products that you quickly won’t be able to live without. They’re designed to contain and neutralize smells, so you can happily dispose of diapers without having to run to the outdoor trash cans every time.

Baby essentials for feeding

Couple seated in a restaurant looking at their babies in a double stroller with red sun canopies

Whether you’ll be breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, there are certain key products that you’ll likely need either way. Below are our top three products to make the most of feeding time.

Breast pump

Breast pumps are essential, even if you are planning to breastfeed your baby. If there are instances where you are out and your baby is with a sitter or another family member, it’s useful to have a breast pump handy in case you start to experience discomfort. You can also use it to pump breast milk and put it in a bottle, which you might prefer for a number of reasons, including having twins, your baby not latching on or pumping being less painful than breastfeeding.

Baby bottle

The baby bottle is an obvious staple, and an absolute must-have if you are choosing to use baby formula or not to breastfeed. They’re handy for a number of reasons, such as being able to tell exactly how much your baby is drinking. Baby bottles come in many ergonomic and fun shapes and you can even find ones that are self-sterilizing.

Muslin cloths

Muslin cloths are extremely versatile and super absorbent, making them endlessly useful at feeding time. They can be used for everything from swaddling your baby to cleaning their face after feeding, and come in a range of colors, patterns and sizes to suit you.

If you found this checklist helpful for you and your family, why not explore what else Bugaboo has to offer? Take a look at our guide to buying a stroller and our wide range of baby accessories.