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Choosing an All-Terrain Stroller

How to choose the best all-terrain stroller for your family

With your tiny co-pilot by your side, adventures abound! Be ready for anything with an all-terrain stroller that will take you and your baby down the path, over the hill, and through the woods. 

If you aren’t sure what factors to consider when shopping for this multipurpose stroller, keep reading. We’ll list several features to look for in an all-terrain stroller, from tires and a secure harness to transportability and easy maintenance. 

Your stroller will see you and your family through a lot of life. Having the right one will make all the difference.

Features to look for in an all-terrain stroller

All-terrain tires

All-terrain stroller wheels

As you might imagine, tires are extremely important when it comes to an all-terrain stroller. You want big, puncture-proof wheels and suspension. The right tires provide a smooth ride over any surface, facilitating easier pushing for you and a more comfortable ride for your baby. 

For example, the Bugaboo Fox 3 offers an iconic central joint paired with four-wheel suspension and large puncture-proof wheels. The unique wheel spring suspension lets you glide over bumps and swiftly turn a tight radius when a surprise corner needs to be navigated.

When considering the wheels of your all-terrain stroller, take your local climate into account, too. If you know you’ll be traversing slick sidewalks often, check for a thick tread on the tires. 

Secure harness

While you won’t be strapping your baby in to go at warp speed, you’ll still want a secure harness on your all-terrain stroller. 

A five-point harness is your best bet for babies because it secures their upper body as well as their lower body. With this type of harness, the shoulder straps and hip straps come together and buckle at your baby’s diaper area.

Sun protection

If you’re hitting the trail for a sunny outing, sun protection is a necessity. Ensure that your all-terrain stroller has the option of a sun canopy to protect your baby from the rays. 

We recommend adding the Bugaboo breezy sun canopy to your Fox 3 stroller to protect your baby from the sun and wind better than ever before. 

With a zip-up window in the front and a special peekaboo window so you can check on your baby, this extra-large sun canopy has it all. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection and breezy mesh panels to provide head-to-toe shade while allowing the breeze to keep your baby cool. 

An integrated mosquito net fits over the stroller bassinet and seat to keep pesky bugs far, far away. And the easy-to-clean materials mean you’re ready for off-road adventures. 

Choose from several trendy new colors to mix and match with your stroller

Cold-weather protection

For cold, wet days, keep your baby cozy with a footmuff, wool seat liner, or high performance rain cover

Our wool seat liner features ideal temperature regulation and moisture control. One side features pure wool made from 100% natural Woolmark certified materials, and the other side offers a knitted cotton jersey. Choose based on the weather. 

Meanwhile, the footmuff provides even more warmth with breathable fabrics, water-repellent microfleece on the inside, and a foldable top cover with an adjustable pull cord. And the two-way zipper means this warm footmuff has a dual-side opening (both top and bottom).

We also offer a high performance winter footmuff that’s ideal for extreme weather. 

Finally, the rain won’t get in your way with a high performance rain cover for your stroller! While most Bugaboo strollers come with a rain cover, the special high performance rain cover can be purchased separately for more severe rain climates. 

It can be stored compactly so you can take it everywhere and always be prepared for weather changes. 


Woman pushing an all-terrain stroller with her fingertips

When you plan to take your stroller off-road, good maneuverability is essential. You want a stroller that’s easy to push and responsive to your touch. That way, you’re ready no matter what the day holds, whether it’s exploring a wooded path or navigating sidewalk rush hour

Our Fox 3 gets rolling with only a touch and offers an adjustable handlebar so it's just the right height for you. We think a stroller that’s easy to push with one finger will change how you see comfort.


No matter what sort of outing you have planned, you’ll need to bring some things along. Be sure that your all-terrain stroller offers ample storage so you can tote what you need. For example, the underseat basket of the Fox 3 provides up to 22 pounds of storage. 

In addition to your stroller’s underseat storage, you can always add a stroller organizer if you want the option of carrying a few extra items when needed. 

The Bugaboo organizer is a water-repellent, multi-pocket option perfect for keeping the baby essentials within reach while you stroll. Thanks to sturdy Velcro straps, it’s easy to attach to the stroller handlebar. And it converts into a tote bag when you need to use it away from the stroller. 

Or opt for even more space with our changing backpack that fits perfectly on your Bugaboo stroller. This new, stylish design offers multiple pockets, including a 17-inch laptop compartment. 

Our backpack is made from 100% certified recycled fabrics, and you can choose from forest green, midnight black, and misty grey (available exclusively on 


Woman folding stroller

If you’re looking for an all-terrain stroller, it needs to be highly transportable so you can get it where you need to go. It should be easy to carry, fold up in a cinch, and stand on its own when folded. Don’t let your stroller slow you down!

You may also want to choose a travel system. What’s that? A travel system includes a stroller frame (also called a chassis) and a car seat that’s made to fit into both the stroller frame and a car seat base in your car. 

That means you can seamlessly move your baby from the stroller to the car and back again without taking them out of their car seat. 

The Bugaboo Turtle One by Nuna is the first car seat to be compatible with every current Bugaboo stroller, so travel is a breeze no matter which Bugaboo stroller works best for you. And it only takes a few seconds to install the car seat base in your car. Easy as pie. 

In addition to a transferable car seat, many travel systems offer other seating options, such as a bassinet or toddler seat. The right travel system keeps you going for years to come without skipping a beat. 

Click here to check out the Bugaboo travel systems and bundles. 

Easy maintenance

Family walking in the woods

Easy maintenance is an essential feature of a good all-terrain stroller. You’ll want to be able to come home from the day’s escapade and easily do away with dirt. A wet cloth and a handheld vacuum are your allies for daily stroller maintenance.

Look for a chassis that’s easy to wipe down and machine-washable fabric for when you do a deep cleaning. If you’re not sure how to deep clean a stroller, here are the basic steps:

  • Check the labels for specific care instructions
  • Take the stroller apart
  • Remove bigger crumbs and debris with a vacuum
  • Clean the fabric (scrub or machine-wash, depending on the fabric)
  • Wipe down the stroller frame
  • Air dry and reassemble 

Click here for more complete instructions. 

Other factors

We’ve mentioned some important all-terrain stroller features that are directly related to facilitating your adventures. But, when choosing a stroller, there are a few other considerations to take into account that aren’t necessarily related to the off-road nature of your stroller.

If there are stroller accessories you just can’t live without, ensure that your all-terrain stroller offers them. That might be a smartphone holder and cup holder for you or a snack tray for your toddler. 

Or, if caring for the earth is a priority for you, look for a stroller that is made with the environment in mind. For example, here at Bugaboo, we’re swapping out the majority of our plastics for bio-based materials, reducing our CO2 footprint by up to 20%. 

In 2022, we’re launching new products with fabrics made from recycled PET plastic bottles and bio-based plastics. By 2023, all polyester fabrics will come from recycled PET bottles, and all of our single-use plastic will be eliminated by 2025. 

An all-terrain stroller for off-road adventures

Parents with an all-terrain stroller at the lake

Hitting the trail with your child is loads of fun, and the right all-terrain stroller makes all of your family's mischief possible. 

When shopping, look for the features we mentioned in this article, such as all-terrain tires, a secure harness, sun protection, good maneuverability, ample storage, and transportability. That way, you’ll be ready for whatever’s around the bend.

Get an all-terrain stroller like the Fox 3 and head out for an off-road adventure. There’s no time to waste when there’s fun to be had!