Mom pushing side-by-side double stroller outside

How to choose the right side-by-side double stroller for your family

You’ve decided on a side-by-side double stroller to wheel your two co-pilots around. Now, all that’s left to do is check out the options and choose the exact stroller that’s right for your crew. After all, families come in all shapes and sizes, and so do double strollers!

To help you figure out which features your family needs, we’ll provide a list of questions to ask yourself as you shop. Finding the right stroller means you’ll use it and love it for years to come. 

If you’ll excuse the pun, let’s get rolling.

Choosing a side-by-side double stroller

Before you shop, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions to determine where to begin your search.

How old are your children?

First, consider your kids’ ages. 

Having two little explorers makes for a whole lot of fun, whether you have twins or an older child and a baby. Just remember that when it comes to side-by-side double stroller configurations, the setup for twins can be different from the setup for kids of different ages. 

For example, the Bugaboo Donkey 5 double stroller is available in Duo, for siblings of different ages, and Twin

Which direction will your kids face?

A toddler and an infant in a side-by-side double stroller

With your two children side-by-side, which direction do you want them to face? You can find strollers with forward-facing seats and rear-facing seats, but there’s a third option for your side-by-side double stroller: multiple configurations. 

We recommend choosing a stroller that allows for multiple configurations so you can change things up depending on the mood of the day and your kids’ ages and preferences. 

That’s the freedom the Donkey 5 affords you. With its reversible seats, you can let your kids chat with you, face each other, or look out at the exciting path ahead. Plus, the higher seat and bassinet positions allow you to watch your children bond right in front of your eyes.

And, if you happen to be strolling with just one co-pilot on any given day, you can convert the Donkey 5 stroller from double to single in just three clicks, giving you one seat and loads of storage. 

Where will your family go?

With a side-by-side double stroller and your family in tow, the sky’s the limit! The only question is: Where will you go? 

When stroller shopping, consider your lifestyle and favorite hobbies. Think about whether your stroller will accompany you on city strolls, all-terrain adventures, or daily jogs and choose accordingly. 

A city-dwelling family might prioritize storage and ease of transportation, while nature-loving or running families may look for shock-absorption and stroller suspension to keep bumps to a minimum. 

For any stroller, large, puncture-proof wheels are a huge plus, allowing you to easily maneuver wherever life takes you.

Do you have other children?

A mom and dad looking at their son on a comfort wheeled board

If you’re interested in a side-by-side double stroller, you likely have at least two children. But if you have (or plan on having a third child), a stroller with an attachable, additional seat will come in handy. Strolling with three is possible — and even easy! 

Simply add a Comfort wheeled board to your Donkey 5 double stroller (no adapter needed!) to create room for three. With sit or stand options, this unique seat was designed to make your stroller more versatile in just a few clicks. 

Your toddler will be happy to walk around or sit, rest, and enjoy the ride when they’re worn out. Plus, this third seat doesn’t cut down on your walking space. Position the Comfort wheeled board slightly to the left or right of the handlebar center to create extra legroom for you. 

And when your little explorer isn’t using the seat, simply flip it into an upright position or detach and store it in the underseat basket. 

How much storage do you need?

Underseat storage on the Bugaboo Donkey 5 stroller

Regardless of your lifestyle, as a parent of two, there’s no doubt that storage space in the stroller is a must-have. 

Two kids make for twice the fun but sometimes double the stuff, too! That’s why having extra space for a grocery pick-up or errand run is always a good idea.

Look for a side-by-side double stroller with roomy, underseat storage as well as add-on organizer options. For instance, to add more storage to your Donkey 5 double stroller, attach the multi-pocket Organizer to keep the baby essentials (or parent essentials!) within arm’s reach. 

This water-repellant organizer conveniently turns into a tote bag for when you need to carry on without the stroller. With easy-on and easy-off velcro straps, you’re ready to stroll in seconds. 

Keep in mind that when you use the Donkey 5 as a single stroller, you’ll also have access to storage galore with the included side luggage basket. Between this basket and the underseat storage, you can carry up to 44 pounds of goodies while still pushing effortlessly.  

Will you need to fold your side-by-side double stroller?

Since strollers are made to facilitate easy transport, foldability is a key feature of any stroller. But it may be especially important if you need to store your stroller daily or do a lot of car travel. 

If you see plenty of folding, carrying, and unfolding in your future, look for a stroller that’s both lightweight and easy to fold. 

For specific concerns about the stroller fitting in a certain space, such as your hall closet or the tiny trunk of your car, pull out the tape measure. Measure your space and compare it with the folded stroller dimensions to ensure the fit. 

To make traveling with your Donkey 5 stroller a cinch, pack the folded stroller away in a comfort transport bag. This transport bag has a self-standing mode, comfortable carry handles, shoulder straps, and handy wheels. 

Rolling from the airport baggage claim to a taxi stand with a stroller in tow has never been easier.

Do you need an effortless push?

Older sister sweetly touches little sister while in a side-by-side double stroller

A double stroller might seem bulky and heavy with two kids inside, but an effortless push is still possible. Don’t settle for less. 

Good design and maneuverability allow you to easily steer with one hand, leaving your other hand free to take a call, manage your maps app, or sip on your drink.

Decide on a stroller by testing the push for yourself. To try out a Bugaboo stroller, visit a local authorized retailer where you can experience our products firsthand and get personal advice from expert staff. 

Is the stroller easy to clean?

Between snacks, juice, and all sorts of escapades, strollers get dirty in no time. A stroller that’s easy to clean makes it simple to keep things in tip-top shape. And taking good care of your stroller can help it last throughout the years.

Look for machine-washable fabric, and the rest is fairly straightforward. Cleaning a stroller might seem like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by checking the labels or care manual for specific cleaning instructions. 

Other than that, we recommend taking the stroller apart, vacuuming up the bigger crumbs, washing the fabrics, and wiping down the rest of the stroller. Then, all that’s left to do is allow it to air dry before reassembling. 

Click here for more details about stroller cleaning. 

What accessories will you need?

In addition to checking out the stroller itself, take a look at the available accessories that you may want in the not-so-distant future. 

Whether that’s a smartphone holder and cup holder for you, a parasol or breezy sun canopy to beat the summer heat, or a wool seat liner for chilly days, future-you will be grateful. 

Is there a good warranty?

Last but not least, opt for a stroller with a solid warranty. It’s always a good idea to be covered in the case of an unexpected problem. 

At Bugaboo, we’re offering a 2+2 warranty. This means that strollers registered on on or after April 1st, 2021 will receive two additional years’ warranty when registered within three months of purchase. Read more here.

Making mischief with a side-by-side double stroller

A dad entertains his son at the park while the mom pushes the stroller

With the right go-anywhere, do-anything stroller, you can make all sorts of mischief with your two partners in crime. 

Use the questions in this article to help you choose the perfect side-by-side double stroller for your family. Consider the ages of your kids, your lifestyle, storage space, and whether or not you plan for another child in the future. 

At Bugaboo, we love that the Donkey 5 allows your children to discover life together, whether they’re facing you, each other, or the road ahead. 

Together, your family’s ready for all the fun that is to come!