Mom smiles at her baby in a car seat stroller

What parents need to know before buying a car seat stroller

The best baby products are safe, convenient, and allow you to bring your little co-pilot along for the ride without skipping a beat. Say “hello” to the car seat stroller — a stroller designed for use with a car seat that fits in your car like a glove. 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect car seat stroller to accompany your family on every adventure, keep reading. We’ll discuss what to look for when shopping — safety, comfort, ease of transport, and the like. 

But before we get there, let’s start with defining the basics of a car seat stroller so you can understand your options and what you’re looking for.

What is a car seat stroller?

Mom putting her baby’s car seat stroller in the car

A car seat stroller is a stroller with a frame, which is also called a chassis, that’s designed to be able to be used with a car seat. When you purchase the stroller and car seat together, it’s referred to as a travel system

This allows you to seamlessly move your baby from the car to the stroller and back again without ever taking them out of their car seat. Convenient? You bet. 

The other advantage of a travel system is that it offers additional seating. Along with the car seat, many travel system strollers fit a bassinet and toddler seat. Talk about options and longevity. 

The bassinet is perfect for strolling with your newborn when you aren’t in and out of the car. And the toddler seat means that one stroller frame will see you through years of your child’s life. 

For example, the Bugaboo Turtle One by Nuna and Turtle Air by Nuna are our two car seats, which are both compatible with all Bugaboo strollers. That means they fit the compact Bee 6 (great for city-dwellers), the all-terrain Fox 3, and every stroller in-between, including the Donkey 5 double stroller for parents of two!

These strollers offer bassinet and toddler seat options, too. No matter where life takes you, you and your child are set for the adventure.

What to look for in a car seat stroller

Mom pushing her child in a Bugaboo stroller

There’s no doubt that a travel system is a fantastic, multi-tasking baby product. But to enjoy it for all its worth, there are a few basics to look for when shopping. You want all the ease of a great stroller combined with the unmatched safety of a great car seat.  

Here are four things to look for in a car seat stroller: safety, comfort, ease of transport, and accessory options. 

The right car seat

When it comes to car seats, their main job is keeping your baby safe on the road! If you aren’t exactly sure what goes into choosing a car seat that offers all the necessary security, here are a few pointers. 

Choose a new car seat

Hand-me-downs and second-hand baby items can be meaningful as well as helpful. But, for safety reasons, certain baby products should be purchased new. Your baby’s car seat is one of them.  

Why? A new car seat ensures the parts aren’t worn out and that the car seat hasn’t been damaged in a wreck. Buying new also means you can choose a car seat that offers the latest advances in constantly changing technology and meets current safety standards. 

That brings us to the next point.

Check safety standards

To keep your precious cargo safe, the car seat you use should be up to snuff as far as your country’s most recent safety standards. Check to be sure that it’s been tested and certified to the current standards. 

Review the manufacturer information

Locate the model number and manufacture date on the label of the car seat. These two pieces of information can help you determine if there’s a recall on your car seat.

Install the car seat properly

A super-safe car seat is no good if it’s not installed correctly! Check the manual that comes with your car seat for specific instructions on installing your brand and model. 

Keep in mind that you can always turn to a pro. Child Passenger Safety Technicians are specifically trained in car seat installation and can help you install yours or check to make sure it’s good to go. 

Check with your local fire department or hospital to find a Child Passenger Safety Technician. Even if they don’t have one, they can point you in the right direction.

Use the car seat correctly 

Baby getting buckled into their car seat

Last but not least, it’s of utmost importance to use the car seat correctly! Once the car seat is installed properly, this mostly means buckling your baby the right way. 

Clip your child in according to the instructions for your specific model, and adjust the harness so that it’s just right. 

If it’s chilly outside, remember not to put your baby in the car seat with their winter coat on. Going coatless ensures a good fit and the best car seat performance. 

Comfort for your co-pilot

With the right travel system, your baby will be chilling in the car seat whether they’re riding in the car or out for a stroll. The car seat must offer ultimate comfort for your tiny co-pilot.

The Bugaboo Turtle One by Nuna is made with high-quality merino wool that offers optimal climate control and is perfect for your newborn’s sensitive skin. 

This car seat offers adjustable head support so you can adjust the seat as your child grows, making them feel secure and comfy at all times. Plus, the canopy and smart shade provide extra comfort whether you’re on the road or taking a walk.

Hint: When considering fabrics and comfort, choose a car seat stroller that’s easy to clean. You’ll thank yourself later.  

Ease of transport

Mom lifting stroller out of the car

If the idea is to seamlessly transition from car to stroller, the car seat should be light and easy to transport. And the stroller should be a cinch to fold so you can tote it up and down stairs and slip it into your trunk. 

Our other car seat option, the Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna is the secure and comfortable car seat that’s light as a cloud at only seven pounds. Install the base in your car in a matter of seconds and purchase extra bases for additional cars to provide ultimate ease of transport.

The Turtle Air by Nuna also easily connects to your Bugaboo stroller in a few clicks with our car-to-stroller adapters.  

When it comes to stroller foldability, consider how easy it is to fold, whether or not it stands on its own, and the dimensions of the folded stroller.

For example, the Fox 3 stroller provides all the comfort you need in a full-size stroller with a compact single-piece folding option. 

If you’re pulling out your tape measure to take stock of your hall closet or your tiny trunk, here’s what you need to know about the Fox 3: The one-piece self-standing fold measures 18.5 by 23.6 by 35.4 inches, while the compact two-piece fold is 33.8 by 20.5 by 13.4 inches. 

A lighter stroller with plenty of power, the Fox 3 is easy to move and store at home or on the go. 

Accessory options

A travel system will see you and your child (or children!) through many years of fun and adventure. Make sure it comes with the accessories that provide comfort for yourself and your baby as well as options to grow with your family. 

Families come in all shapes and sizes, and the must-have accessories for you will depend on your family’s preferences. You might opt for a comfort transport bag with shoulder straps or a smartphone holder for yourself and a snack tray and parasol to keep your baby full and happy.  

When it comes to adding to the family, attach a comfort wheeled board to your Bugaboo stroller.

What is this handy contraption? This special board is a detachable seat that offers both sit and stand options for your child who is old enough to walk or ride, making it the perfect addition for going adventuring with a baby and a toddler. 

It creates extra walking space for you and can be clicked into an upright position or stowed away in the underseat basket when your child isn’t using it. 

Secure and easy strolling 

Mom peeking at her baby under a car seat stroller canopy

The master of easy transport, a car seat stroller is one of those convenient, multi-tasking, must-have baby products. There’s no doubt about it. 

Choose a secure and convenient car seat stroller by referring to the tips we mentioned in this article. Look for one that offers comfort, ease of transport, and all the accessory options you need. 

The right car seat stroller means secure riding and easy strolling no matter where you go. What are you and your baby waiting for? Get out there and live life!