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Sleep expert tips for on the go | Bugaboo Blog

Sleep expert shares 5 top tips to help your baby sleep while traveling

Following the launch of the Bugaboo Stardust play yard, Rosey Davidson, founder of sleep consultancy brand @Just_Chill_Mama, answered parents’ questions on sleep routines and what to look for in a play yard. 

As some parts of the world begin to open up again, many of us are looking to visit family and friends in our home countries, or are planning to travel abroad before the summer ends. For any parents looking to get away, whether it be a staycation or traveling abroad, Rosey has shared her top tips for making your baby’s sleep the best it can be. 


1. Try to stick to your usual routine  


Although sometimes when traveling it is impossible to keep control of sleep and mealtime routines, where possible try to stick to your usual routine. Even if this is playing with the same toys, they would usually use at home before bed, or reading them their favourite story. These cues all help your baby know that it is bedtime and will encourage them to sleep through the night.

Sleep expert tips for on the go | Bugaboo Blog

2. Physical activity in the day 


A key tip when traveling and getting your baby to sleep is tiring them out in the day through physical activity. Luckily when on holiday this is usually easily done, with lots of new sensory experiences in their immediate surroundings. By playing with your baby in the pool or playground or encouraging them to play with younger children if visiting family, this will mean they are ready for sleep when bedtime rolls around. 


3. Create a calming environment at night 


Just like us, a relaxing bedroom environment can help your little one drift off to sleep. If your child sleeps with a night light, ensuring that this is red, pink or amber toned is essential to encourage sleep. Cooler toned night lights can often disrupt sleep. Playing white noise can also help to make good sleep even better for babies, as it creates a womb-like environment that will calm any anxiety. 


4. Get your baby comfortable with their play yard before your holiday 


The main reason that baby’s sleep can be disrupted whilst on holiday is due to them not being familiar with their surroundings. When staying somewhere unfamiliar, our bodies keep us safe by waking us up so we can be aware of what is going on around us. By introducing naps and playtime in their play yard before going on holiday, babies will become accustomed to the cot ahead of time. By bringing bedding, blankets or cuddly toys that smell of home, babies will also feel more at ease, meaning that parents can have a rest themselves! 


5. Choose the right product 


Sleep expert tips for on the go | Bugaboo Blog

Choosing the right play yard is essential so you can have a stress-free break as a family and maximise sleep for everyone. When speaking with Rosey about the perfect play yard, she said: 

“Traveling with young babies and children can be stressful for parents as they try to maintain carefully orchestrated sleep routines while on holiday. Ensuring that you have the right product that prioritises comfort and safety for your baby, whilst making your life a bit easier as a parent, is key to a consistent sleep routine when traveling.” 

“Bugaboo has made the complicated, uncomplicated with the Bugaboo Stardust, ensuring that parents can move the product around easily, adjust its functionality based on the age of their child, and with comfort considered at every detail.” 

“Whether parents are traveling, visiting friends and family or simply moving around the house from room-to-room, the Bugaboo Stardust gives parents and their babies freedom and comfort wherever they are.” 

The engineering behind the Bugaboo Stardust aims to promote more restful, comfortable sleep for your baby, no matter where you are in the world. Key elements such as its one second fold, all-in-one design, built-in comfort and being easily transportable means that both parent and baby can rest easy on any trips they are taking. 


The Bugaboo Stardust will be available on 25th August, in stores and online and prices start from $299.