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Structural analysis engineer

Location: headquarters Amsterdam, NL 

Department: product development

The Structural Analysis engineer specializes in the advanced and detailed strength and stiffness analyses of parts, modules and products. The Structural Analysis engineer advises in the development and optimization of complex load-bearing parts including material definition and geometry.


  • Advice engineers on how to optimize the strength, stiffness and material choice of parts and modules.
  • Advice during the concept phase, before the calculation.
  • Advice engineers on how to prepare the topic to be calculated.
  • Make advanced structural (Finite Element) analyses.
  • Advice on needed implements as a result of the performed analyses.
  • Professional Skills
  • FEM Calculation: Ability to perform advanced strength and stiffness calculations with the help of finite element method.
  • Strength and Stiffness: Ability to size parts correctly to withstand applicable load cases.
  • Statics and Dynamics: Ability to derive load cases in static and dynamic (incl. impact) use situations.

The Structural Analysis engineer is proficient in:

  • Material application: Ability to apply relevant materials in the concept/product.
  • Use relevant software: MSC Marc.

Personal Competences

  • Accuracy: Being detail-oriented and handling details accurately and effectively.
  • Conceptual thinking: abstract thinking/ structural concepts/ vision.
  • Initiative: Being alert for opportunities, new situations or problems, and act accordingly at an early stage. Identifying problems or obstacles and solving them as quickly as possible
  • Cooperation: Contributing to a common result through effective team work.


  • Mechanical Engineering (MSc) or similar experience.

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