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A few of my favorite things: Mónica Diago’s urban chic

A few of my favorite things: Mónica Diago’s urban chic

How did you discover your passion for architecture? 

My passion for architecture started when I was very little. My favourite games were building structures with Lego pieces and making houses out of shoe boxes for my brother’s toys. So I had no doubt about choosing a career that joined creation and design: architecture.

Mónica Diago’s urban chic | Blog

What kind of places do you find inspiration in the beautiful city of Madrid?

Madrid is a city full of activities. There are museums, shows and variety of things to do. The city is constantly changing. When a new project comes to my mind, I usually look through design magazines but I also like visiting new restaurants and going to plays in the theatre. Sometimes, it’s when you leave your comfort zone that you find real inspiration.

Mónica Diago’s urban chic | Blog

Where are your favourite places to go or things to see with your children in the city?

I have a three-year-old son and a small daughter who is 10 months old, so when we have some free time we like to spend it together as a family. My perfect weekend begins on a Saturday morning, going for a walk in the center of Madrid, with a concert for children and a “tapas” dinner in Ponzano Street. It ends on a Sunday with a family getaway in the neighboring village of El Pardo or in the mountains of Madrid.

Mónica Diago’s urban chic | Blog

Do you express a particular style or aesthetic in your work as an architect?

I like functional and smart things with a touch of design. And that’s why I try to express in the refurbishing projects I work on or in the establishments I design.

What do you love most about the style of the Bugaboo Bee 5 Tone?

The Bugaboo Bee 5 Tone totally matches my lifestyle. It has this elegant and practical side I always try to find not only in my projects but also in my personal style and how my children are dressed. It’s a stroller that really fits any lifestyle, especially those urban families who like to plan and who pay attention to their image.

Mónica Diago’s urban chic | Blog

How did you decide to start your blog El Taller de Cosas Bonitas?

I created El Taller de las Cosas Bonitas to unleash my inner creativity and the handicrafts I made with my nephews or for my friends. It was a way of sharing with others the things I made and inspired me. When I had my first child, everything evolved in a very natural way, including décor ideas, family plans and trips, until it became the lifestyle blog it is today.

Mónica Diago’s urban chic | Blog

How did you get involved in Kiva magazine?

Celia García Puche, founder and director of Kiva Magazine, wanted to create a digital magazine that talked about plans, fashion and family life from a sustainable and conscious point of view. For that, she got in touch with many mothers she had affinity with through Instagram and who could represent the different profiles and sections she wanted to feature in the magazine. And this is how my experience with Kiva and my reports on décor and handicrafts started.

What’s the most satisfying part about being a mother?

For me, the best is doing things with my kids that bring them a smile. It’s when I see them happy that I feel satisfied.

How do you combine your work life and family life?

Nowadays, having a family, professional projects and an active social life is really complicated. Sometimes, I have to work with my children playing around, and on other days, it’s much better to prioritize and just forget those things that don’t satisfy you enough. The most important thing is to know what makes you happy and learn to say “no” to the rest.

Mónica Diago’s urban chic | Blog