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Stay nice and dry

The elements won't catch you off guard with these Bugaboo accessories. Make your strolls wind and rainproof and keep your baby nice and cozy this season. Scroll down to explore our selection of footmuffs, rain covers and more.

Keep your baby warm

The Bugaboo footmuff is the ideal accessory when cheeks start turning pink from colder weather. It’s made with high quality, soft and water repellent materials that make your baby feel hugged. Also available are high performance footmuffs for those extra cold climates.

Bugaboo Footmuff

Rainproof your walks

The Bugaboo high performance rain cover is so easy to pack and quick to install that the rain is going to have a hard time catching up.

Bugaboo rain covers

Snuggle up

The Bugaboo soft wool blanket is made from the finest merino wool and is suitable for any baby skin, including the most sensitive ones. It’s great to snuggle up with both at home and one the go.

Bugaboo blankets

Enjoy a comfortable ride

The wool seat liner is an essential accessory that will ensure a soft and comfortable ride for your child no matter the temperature.

Bugaboo wool seat liner

Essential for cozy strolls

The Bugaboo newborn inlay is the essential extra layer of warmth and protection that every baby needs for the first months of their lives.

Bugaboo newborn inlay

Extra protection for your newborn

For Bee and Ant owners, the baby cocoon is specially designed to keep your baby warm and protected during the first months of their lives.

Bugaboo cocoon

Have all you need

with Bugaboo essential accessories

Get the most out of your stroller by choosing from our range of top essential accessories. Make your stroller even more functional, while always enjoying the best comfort for you and your baby.

Cup holder

Looking for spring and summer accessories instead?

Bugaboo brings the sunshine with warm weather essentials ranging from breezy sun canopies, seat liners, parasols and more.