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프리미엄 휴대용 스트롤러

Two-view seat

An extraordinary stroller needs an extraordinary seat. The easily adjustable and reversible seat lets your child face you or the world in one easy motion.

Ultra compact fold

It folds down to an ultra compact size, making it convenient to store out of sight, park in small spaces, or fit in an overhead locker where you would usually keep a bag.

Small size, big comfort

For its small size and wheels, it’s incredibly sturdy and easy to push. Enjoy undisturbed naps while on the go, thanks to the advanced suspension packed into its nimble wheels.


Whether you need to bundle up or take on the sunshine, our range of cool accessories for the Ant have you covered.

부가부의 약속

부가부의 디자이너와 엔지니어는 수년에 걸쳐 모든 제품을 업계 기준보다 훨씬 더 까다롭게 개발하고 테스트하며 개선해 나갑니다. 어떤 여정이든 가족이 모두 함께 안심하고 편안하게 떠날 수 있도록 제품 기능에서 부터 디테일한 디자인 요소까지 하나하나 세심하게 다듬어 완성합니다.

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