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100-day risk-free trial

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Take the nap test, the fold test, the stroll test – whatever you need to try out your new Bugaboo product. If it's not for you in the first 100 days, send it back to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

To give products a second chance, any pushchair returned to us in the 100-day trial goes through Certified Refurbished. Bugaboo engineers expertly renew, refresh, or repair them, so they can keep on strolling.

Terms and conditions for the "100-day risk-free trial":

  • The 100-day risk-free trial offers consumers the opportunity to purchase a pushchair at Bugaboo.com and try it out for up to 100 days. If not satisfied, the consumer can return the used pushchair within this period and receive a full refund of the purchase price.
  • The 100-day risk-free trial offer is available exclusively for products purchased on Bugaboo.com.
  • The 100-day risk-free trial is available as of Monday 11 May 2020 from 00:00 AM GMT. For countries not participating in the 100-day risk-free trial, consumers will still be able to return an unused pushchair within 90 days as stated in our return policy
  • The 100-day risk-free trial is applicable to the following products (including promotion items and Certified Refurbished items): Bugaboo Fox 5, Bugaboo Fox Cub, Bugaboo Donkey 5, Bugaboo Butterfly, Bugaboo Dragonfly, Bugaboo Giraffe and Bugaboo Stardust. All Bugaboo accessories, Bugaboo Owl and Bugaboo Turtle Air car seats purchased in the same order as one of the participating products are included in the trial offer.
  • Products not listed above are excluded from the 100-day risk-free trial offer. 
  • Spare parts and accessories bought without one of the aforementioned products are excluded from the 100-day risk-free trial offer. 
  • The 100-day risk-free trial only applies to one (1) participating product. Multiple products cannot be returned under the 100-day risk-free trial offer. 
  • The 100-day risk-free trial offer is non-transferable. 
  • If a consumer returns a product purchased during the 100-day risk-free trial period, the refund will equal the amount paid for the product, subject to applicable refund policies and as long as the product is returned showing usage commensurate with 100 days of normal use and as long as the pushchair is returned in its original packaging. 
  •  Bugaboo reserves the right to decline to accept orders if, in its reasonable opinion, the order being placed is the subject of fraudulent activity. 
  •  Bugaboo reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or withdraw an offer at any time on reasonable notice. 

100% sure in 100 days or a full refund

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Shop 100 day money-back guarantee | Bugaboo

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