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We’re making a big little impact, pushing down to zero CO2 emissions by 2035.

Pushing down our footprint and enabling every parent and child to push down theirs too.

Bugaboo impact report

Track our journey to net zero CO2 and the positive steps we’re taking for our people and communities.

Sustainability At Bugaboo | Bugaboo

Certified B Corp™

We’re proud to put the B in Bugaboo. Being B Corp certified means we’re committed to making a positive impact on the world for future generations. Here’s how it’ll keep us pushing to do even better.

Sustainability At Bugaboo | Bugaboo

Plans for 2023

As part of our sustainability targets, we’ll start exploring the use of recycled fabrics for our pushchairs. Read more on what other steps we’ll take to lower our impact on the planet.​

Sustainability At Bugaboo | Bugaboo

2022 results

We're making good progress on our commitment towards net zero. Check out what we've achieved over the last year.​

Sustainability At Bugaboo | Bugaboo

Going bio-based

Bugaboo is proud to be driving change towards a more sustainable future, and by 2023, Bugaboo pushchairs will be produced with mass-balanced bio-based material instead of fossil-based plastic. This game-changing innovation upcycles plant-based waste to give it a new life. It's a milestone step in our ongoing journey to reduce our impact and build a better future for all.

Sustainability At Bugaboo | Bugaboo

Our goals

We designed it first and made it last

Conscious choices have always been in our DNA. Products with replaceable parts, service centers that rebuild, and new business models that move us all towards a circular economy.

Close up on a wheel of a Bugaboo stroller.

It takes a village and a world

We are committed to working together with others. Our goals are to inspire the next generation, while also collaborating with global partners to create a future where everyone can thrive.

Parents holding hands in front of a Bugaboo stroller.

Moving forward


Zero is our hero

Zero is our hero