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Meet the
Donkey 5


Bugaboo Donkey 5

For wherever life takes you

Meet the side by side double pushchair that brings siblings closer than ever.

Grows with your family

Easy to manoeuvre

Storage galore

Smaller than you think

Three unique configurations

Expecting twins? Discover the Donkey 5 Twin

For one, with room to grow

Donkey 5 Mono

This future-proof pushchair comes with loads of storage so you can bring all the snacks and toys you’ll need for family adventures.

Configured for:

1 newborn (up to 9 kg/22 lbs); or

1 toddler (up to 22 kg/48.5 lbs)

For siblings of different ages

Donkey 5 Duo

This pushchair lets your siblings discover the world side by side, and it’s smaller than you think.

Configured for:

1 newborn & 1 toddler; or

2 toddlers

For twins to ride together

Donkey 5 Twin

This side by side pushchair is smaller than you think and specifically designed for twins, because the best things in life come in pairs.

Configured for:

2 newborns or 2 toddlers; or

1 newborn & 1 toddler

Colour your adventures

Discover an exciting new colour palette designed to turn heads.


Effortlessly steer them through the world

Whether you’re heading over curbs or roaming the countryside, the Donkey 5 is perfect for adventures big and small.

Smaller than you think

At 74 cm (29 in), the Duo and Twin fit through standard doorways, and the Mono’s even smaller.

Easy to maneuver

Even the lightest touch can get you rolling, making the Donkey 5 perfect for life’s twists and turns.

Grows with your family

The Donkey 5 Duo is perfect for growing families, whether your little pilot is flying solo or with their wingman.

From £1,530.00 Shop Duo

Expecting twins? Discover the

Donkey 5 Twin

Perfect pairings

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Top accessories for newborns With the Donkey 5, you can choose from a sea of accessories that are perfect for newborns. There’s an accessory for every season and reason. From £114.95