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The complete double pushchair buying guide for new parents

With two children in your home (or maybe on the way), a double pushchair is a necessary companion to see you through all of the adventures you get into as a family. But choosing that perfect pushchair for two is often easier said than done. 

In this article, we’ll help you find the right high-quality double pushchair that offers all of the features that your family needs. Pushchairs — just like families — come in plenty of shapes and sizes, and the pushchair you choose should meet your family’s unique needs. 

Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when shopping for a double pushchair so you can make a confident choice

The complete double pushchair buying guide for new parents|Bugaboo

Factors to consider when shopping for a double pushchair

What you will use it for 

Parents having fun with their children at a park

Here’s the first question to ask yourself: What will you use the double pushchair for? Strolling around with your two children, obviously. But take it a step further to consider your lifestyle, hobbies, and daily activities. 

Your double pushchair might be purely for city-strolling, in which case storage might be a high priority for you. If your family is constantly on the go, you might want a pushchair that’s extra lightweight and mobile for easy travel

Or, you may want to use it for outdoor adventures, which means wheel durability and pushchair suspension (to provide shock-absorption and keep the bumping to a minimum) are important. 

For example, the Bugaboo Donkey 5 double pushchair provides you with big wheels and do-anything suspension that make every walk (even the off-road mischief) bump-free. 

It also provides flexibility for each day. If one child is down for a nap, you can easily convert your pushchair to accommodate your other child with some storage space instead of having two seats. 

And if you need room for three co-pilots, simply add a wheeled board (more on this later) so everyone has a spot! 

Which direction you want the seats to face

You’re probably familiar with forward-facing pushchairs and rear-facing pushchairs, but some double pushchairs allow you to switch things up based on the mood and the age of your quickly growing kids. 

Our Donkey 5 Duo is one of those pushchairs. The seats can be arranged to face you, face each other, or face the path ahead. And the higher seat and carrycot positions also allow you to watch your children bond right in front of your eyes. 

For the most flexibility, consider choosing a pushchair that gives you options. This way, it can adjust and change with your family

Your children’s ages

Whether you have twins or two little partners of different ages makes a big difference in not only your daily life but also your pushchair choice. A double pushchair configured for twin infants is not the same as a double pushchair designed for an infant and a preschooler. 

Some pushchairs offer seat options for different ages. For example, they may have a carrycot or car seat that accommodates an infant and a seat that is more upright for your big kid. 

To give you an idea, take a look at the Donkey 5 designed for an infant and a toddler.


Mom pushes her children in a double pushchair

With multiple side-by-side configurations, you can combine the seat, carrycot, or car seat in any way you want, depending on the age of your co-pilots and whether you’re going out with one or two of them. 

Each seat can hold up to 21 kg, meaning the pushchair can grow and change with your family over the years! 

Available storage

Sometimes, (OK, most of the time) you need to tote a good amount of things when you’re out for an adventure with your babies — and double the kids means double the stuff! 

Be realistic about the storage space you need and choose a double pushchair accordingly. Keep in mind that a little extra space for a grocery pick-up always comes in handy, too. 

Most pushchairs come with a decent amount of under-seat storage with options for additional organizers that attach to the handlebars. 

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 is designed for two kids but can be converted to fit one child with storage galore thanks to the included side luggage basket. Between the side basket and under-seat storage combined, you can carry up to 19 kg of goodies — and still push effortlessly. 

Toddler and baby enjoying a day outdoors

Ease of transport and foldability 

Pushchairs are meant to accompany you and your crew on every outing, no matter how near or far

Future-you will thank current-you for choosing a pushchair that’s easy to fold and transport. After all, with so much in-and-out of the car, you’ll be doing a lot of folding, carrying, and unfolding. 

Be sure to take your lifestyle into account, and don’t underestimate the convenience of a pushchair that’s easy to fold. If your needs involve putting the pushchair in a boot, check the folded dimensions of the pushchair you’re considering and compare them with the space in your car. 

For example, the dimensions of the Donkey 5 Twin with a compact two-piece fold are 88.9 x 59.9 x 35 cm, while a one-piece self-standing fold measures at 52 x 73.6 x 89.9 cm. 

Speaking of dimensions, let’s move on to another factor to consider when buying a double pushchair. 

Width of the pushchair (and important doorways) 

Your double pushchair must be capable of rolling with the punches of your daily life. This means, among other things, that it fits through the important doorways you’ll be using. That might only be your front door, or it could also include the door to your routine coffee shop or lunch spot. 

In-line (or tandem) double pushchair can be approximately the width of a single pushchair since they offer a seat for a toddler and a car seat-shaped seat on top. 

Side-by-side double pushchairs feature seats that are next to each other, which allows for better sibling bonding because they can see each other and connect while riding. These are, of course, wider than a single pushchair but not as wide as you might think. 

If you want to whip in and out of important doorways without folding and unfolding, it’s worth measuring the entrances and comparing these measurements with the pushchair. Better safe than sorry! 

At 29 inches wide, the Donkey 5 Duo fits through most standard doorways, meaning you can confidently navigate hallways or supermarkets with your whole family in tow.

Materials and durability 

The best double pushchair will last you for years to come — both because it changes and grows with your children and because the material simply holds up to daily wear and tear. 

Check the warranty of your double pushchair, and look for quality material that is safe, durable, and easy to care for, too. Also, make sure your pushchair is meticulously tested and crafted to exceed industry safety and quality standards. 

With Bugaboo, pushchairs registered on from and including April 1st, 2021, will receive 2 additional years warranty when registered within 3 months of purchase. Read more about our 2+2 warranty here

Puncture-proof wheels and machine-washable fabric will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to keeping your pushchair in tip-top shape. 

Because we know the importance of convenient cleaning, all of the fabrics on the Donkey 5 are machine-washable at 30°C.  

Bugaboo Donkey 5


Effortlessly pushing your double pushchair through busy sidewalks requires good design and manoeuvrability. You want a pushchair that can be easily steered with one hand, leaving the other hand free to take a call or sip on your tea. 

Expert pushchair tip: When you’ve only got one hand free, one long handlebar is easier to manage than two separate handlebars (one left and one right). 

At Bugaboo, we designed the Donkey 5 for maximum manoeuvrability, which means you can get it rolling with a single finger even with two little co-pilots in the front.

Must-have extras and accessories

Lastly, think through any must-have pushchair extras and accessories you may want, such as rain and sun canopies, cupholders, smartphone holders, parasols, and the like. 

Sometimes, you don’t even know what you need until you see it. We think the Comfort wheeled board is one of those accessories. 

With sit or stand options for your partner in crime who is old enough to walk or ride, everyone can join in on the adventures with ease! This extra spot also creates more walking space for you, making it a win all the way around. 

The board can be placed slightly to the left or right from the handlebar centre, and, when not in use, you can easily click it into an upright position or detach it from your pushchair. 

And, with the new Donkey 5 Duo, there’s no additional adapter needed. This pushchair comes integrated with your wheeled board connector so there’s no stress when you’re ready to add it! 

Also, keep your eye out for pushchair accessories to keep your children warm all through the winter, like a wool seat liner and a winter footmuff. Come rain or shine, with the right pushchair accessories, you guys will still be rockin’ and rollin’.

Double pushchairs for double the fun

Two is twice the fun and choosing the right double pushchair for your adventures is essential. In this article, you’ve read about several factors to consider when shopping for a double pushchair that fits your family’s needs. Whether you have one child and are expecting the family to grow or you’ve already got your hands full with twins, The Bugaboo Donkey 5 offers all sorts of options to accommodate double-trouble.

Mom heading outside for an adventure with her two kids