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Travel with kids: around the world with twins

Travel with kids: around the world with twins

Travel bloggers Peter and Amber have not let parenthood stand in the way of their global adventures. We caught up with them to discuss what it means to travel with kids and their practical tips for life on the move.

Peter and Amber are passionate about seeing the world with their twin daughters, Leia and Lauren. When the twins were just 3-months old, the family made their maiden road trip out of Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to visit their great grandmother. Since that first voyage, they have been on countless adventures including trips to Iceland, Tokyo, Bali and the Maldives. When the twins were 5-months old, they experienced flying for the first time when the family ventured to Iceland during winter. This involved a long-haul flight with a transit in Helsinki. Undeterred by undertaking such a long journey, the intrepid travelers returned 7 months later to witness the famous midnight sun.

Travel with kids: around the world with twins | Blog

Why is it so important for Peter and Amber to travel with their children? Travel has always been a big part of their lives and they tell us they didn’t even think twice about taking them along on their trips. “Traveling to explore new places and cultures has always been a lifestyle and a way for us to disconnect and spend some quality time together. We didn’t want the fear of traveling with babies to limit us from what we enjoy doing.”

Their most memorable travel experience as a family so far? They tell us that it has to be spotting the elusive Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) with Leia and Lauren from their cottage tucked away in the wilderness in Iceland.

Travel with kids: around the world with twins | Blog

Practical advice for travel with kids

What advice would Peter and Amber offer to anyone looking to travel with their kids? They tell us it’s all in the organization. “Make sure you select child-friendly hotels and request car seats in advance from rental companies. For peace of mind it is important to store emergency numbers and hospital addresses of the country you are visiting in case of any emergency. Where possible, try to coincide your flight times with your children’s sleep schedule. You will likely get a less fussy baby on board!”

Another challenge they face is jet lag when they travel to different time zones. “We have learnt to allow for a 1-2 day adjustment period for our children. We typically keep our program free and easy for the first 2 days on our trips.”

What to bring and the best stroller to travel with

When it comes to packing they start with their essentials like formula milk, diapers, a medical kit and suitable clothing, all prepared and split in two bags instead of one in the case either gets lost. “Their stroller is a crucial item to bring along. The Bugaboo Donkey Weekender was perfect for exploring Iceland as it is an excellent all-terrain double stroller.” Of course, the best stroller to travel with will depend on your destination, what type of activities you’ll partake in, and how many children you have.

Travel with kids: around the world with twins | Blog

Thanks to Pete and Amber for sharing your story and advice with us. Be it close to home or further afield, we love seeing families out exploring the world. Share your own adventures with us on Instagram using the #bugaboo hashtag.