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compact transport bag

keep your bugaboo pushchair protected during travel

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about the bugaboo compact transport bag

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The bugaboo compact transport bag is lightweight and compact for travelling. Open the zips of the bag to reveal the wheels of your bugaboo bee, and in combination with comfortable carry handles, you’ll get the smooth ride you are used to. The bugaboo compact transport bag folds up small to fit in the under-seat basket when not in use. Perfect for holiday travel, this durable, functional, and user-friendly bag is specifically designed to further protect the bugaboo bee from dirt, scratches and water. The bugaboo compact transport bag is self-standing and features an integrated bag to store the front wheels of your bugaboo bee. Ideal for gate check-in.

what it does

• comfortable travel: zip-out bugaboo bee wheels for smooth ride (when packed with bugaboo bee3 carrycot the wheel riding function is not available) 
• protects your pushchair during travel against dirt, scratches and water
• small and compact, folds up small for storage in your underseat basket
• easy to pack, the bugaboo bee fits in quickly and easily
• compatible with your bugaboo bee

features & specs  

• durable fabrics 
• water-repellent 
• self standing 
• comfortable carry handles 
• self packable

how it works

bugaboo compact transport bag