Life of a bag in L.A.

Daughter Reva

Life of a bag in L.A.

2015-06-23 - We first met blogger and photographer Madelon (36) AKA MadeByLon last year when she showed us her favourite Amsterdam hotspots. Now she has made the move to L.A. where she’s broadening her horizon with her husband Bart (36), son Sylvester (5), and daughter Reva (2). Join us and see how she’s adapting to the coastal life.

You have made a name for yourself as Madebylon and have over 50,000 followers on Instagram alone. A year ago you started a blog with a strong visual appeal together with Arnhem-based mother of one, Vie. How did you two meet?

“Vie and I know each other through Instagram. We hit it off immediately, met a few times and talked a lot through WhatsApp (a social media messaging platform ed.), especially just after I’d moved to L.A. We wanted to have fun and stay connected. We’d both thought about blogging for some time, so when we started talking about it, THE DOOR IN THE WALL was born just 4 weeks later!”

What is the blog about?

“We talk about everything that comes to mind, but yes, we are mothers so that is also one of the topics. Aside from that we both love beautiful photos. And having a laugh.  It's really a positive, honest, easy-on-the-eye kind of blog about life (with children).”

Tell us why the initial move to Los Angeles?
Madelon: “My husband works for an international sports brand and they offered him a job here in their head offices. He always talked about wanting to work abroad for a while so that decision was easily made.”

What fills your days (apart from your kids of course)?
“They do take up a lot of my time! But I also have a blog I'm busy with, and I photograph a lot, both professionally and for pleasure.” 
Pictured above: The Storksak+Bugaboo bag in leather 

What are some major differences between Amsterdam and L.A. life?
“Weather and distance are major players. I love the fact that it doesn't rain as much here in L.A., as in Amsterdam, but I miss getting around by bike. Also L.A. doesn't have a real city centre, like most cities in Europe do. There are so many nice places to go, to shop, to eat, but they are all so far apart. Having a car is an absolute must.”

How do you think life is different for your kids growing up in L.A. compared to Amsterdam?
“It's more laid back, it's more outdoorsy and it's way more protected. I have to get used to that. Coming from a small country where children play outside, go to school on their bikes on their own when they are a little older and not having to watch them like a hawk when you’re out is very different.How do your kids like growing up in L.A.?
They like it! They are still small so prefer to be around us and outside. Sylvester does miss his friends and both miss their family.  

So they remember the Netherlands?
Sylvester does! He was almost 5 when we left, so he remembers a lot. He loves to live in the land of the superheroes, so he's doing fine. Sometimes, out of nowhere he’ll start asking things about his old school, or remember something from the city we lived. Reva only remembers people.  
I documented our move on Instagram and when we were settled I made little books from all the photos of the months passed. They are theirs and they can grab and look at them whenever they feel like it. And they do.
Stay tuned to the Bugaboo Journal to hear from the other half of The Door in the Wall, Vie. In the meantime, check out Madelon's Amsterdam hotspots here.