Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel

Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel

In this month’s Journal, we speak with mother of two Coral about traveling as a family and her Moroccan adventure with the Bugaboo Fox.

Coral lives in Brighton, UK with her daughters Ava Pearl (5) and Sufi Rae (18 months). As well as home educating her daughters, Coral is the owner of organic, cold-pressed juice company 42 Juice and publishes her own blog - Mama of Pearls. She loves to explore new places as a family and they recently ventured to Morocco with the Bugaboo Fox

What do you love most about traveling?

I love having the freedom to travel with our girls. Stepping out of their comfort zones and learning about new cultures is such an amazing experience for their senses. Watching them try new foods and wake up with excited, anticipated faces has to be my favorite thing about traveling.

Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel | Blog

What are the challenges of traveling with children and what are the positives?

I only find traveling with toddlers a challenge, as they just DON’T want to sit still on an airplane seat. As long as you don’t mind making new friends while walking up and down the aisle, you will be fine! Once they get to a certain age (3+) it is just a joy to travel with children. They are curious about everything and have the concentration and patience to sit and watch a film on a flight – which is a game changer! We took Ava to Bali (a 22-hour journey) when she was 3.5 years old and she loved the whole experience.

What does saying ‘YES!’ mean to you?

I feel that parenting has changed so much. Children can now be a part of all aspects of your life and you can share your lives and learn from each other. They have a lot to teach us and if you can be open to the journey of parenthood, be present and say ‘YES!’ to new experiences together, it can be so much fun! You don’t get a second chance to do it all over again, so why not give them (and you) a childhood to remember!

You recently traveled to Morocco as a family. What made you choose this destination?

We chose Morocco because we thought it would provide a good balance between a cultural experience and some winter fun in the sun. Plus, Moroccan interiors are a dream, so getting some added visual inspiration was a nice added bonus. It is only a 3.5-hour flight from London Gatwick and there is no time difference… so no jet lag either!

Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel | Blog

What did Pearl and Sufi Rae enjoy most about Morocco?

Ava loved the souks (local markets)! She loves anything colorful and sparkly and there was soooo much for her to look at. There were things with pom-poms and sequins on, as well as so many fantastic textures and designs… it’s a 5-year old girl’s dream. Sufi just lapped up all the attention she received. Moroccan people ADORE children and they would literally stop and kiss her on the head as she sat comfortably in the Bugaboo Fox and waved at everyone. 

How did the Bugaboo Fox fare in the bustling souks of Marrakech? 

The Bugaboo Fox was a game changer in the souks. The amazingly sturdy and smooth ride on bumpy, uneven roads combined with the unbelievably lightweight frame for getting in and out of taxis and up and down stairs in riads made the experience so much easier! And having all that basket space underneath was an absolute savior to store all our shopping.

What was it like to travel with the Bugaboo Fox?

I couldn’t have asked for a better stroller! I felt like Sufi was completely safe and supported, and she napped SO well in the comfortable, spacious seat. Marrakech isn’t necessarily somewhere I would have thought of as a child-friendly destination, hence why we chose to stay in a family resort just outside the center. However, having the Bugaboo Fox meant that we didn’t have to just stay at the hotel. We were able to go on adventures and explore the city! When we flew, it was so easy to store in the Bugaboo Comfort Travel Bag and we were able to take Sufi right up to the plane in the stroller. I would never settle for anything less now that we know just how helpful it can be having such a well thought out stroller. Anything that makes your life easier as a parent is worth it.

Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel | Blog

What advice would you give to fellow parents who are planning a trip? 

Always give yourself more than enough time, stay present with your children, and try to see the adventure through their eyes… and you can’t go wrong. 

Where will your next adventure take you? Share your travels with us #bugaboofox #sayYESBugabooFox