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Come scegliere il miglior passeggino multi-terreno per la tua famiglia

Un passeggino multi-terreno rende possibili tutti i tipi di avventure! Bugaboo illustra le caratteristiche principali da ricercare per scegliere il passeggino perfetto.

Papà con bambino in un passeggino Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Plus multi-terreno

Guida all'installazione del seggiolino auto: Consigli e suggerimenti degli esperti

L'installazione del seggiolino auto dovrebbe essere semplice e veloce. Con questi suggerimenti degli esperti di Bugaboo, sarai pronto a partire in pochissimo tempo.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Cosa devono sapere i genitori prima di acquistare un passeggino con seggiolino auto

La combinazione passeggino e seggiolino auto offre un trasporto senza interruzione dal passeggino all'auto. Scopri cosa acquistare con i suggerimenti di Bugaboo.

Mom pushing stroller

Sonno in movimento? Ecco dei consigli per la sicurezza dei neonati

Stare a casa per ogni singolo pisolino e durante l’orario di punta per farlo dormire nel lettino è semplicemente irrealistico. Assicurati che i bambini dormano in modo sicuro ovunque tu sia con i suggerimenti proposti di seguito.

Mom pushing stroller

18 accessori essenziali da avere nel 2022

Con i giusti accessori per il tuo passeggino, potrai avventurarti sia con la pioggia sia con il sole! Bugaboo ti consiglia 18 accessori essenziali da avere nel 2022 per accompagnare le passeggiate del tuo bambino.

Family walking with stroller accessories

Come pulire un passeggino in 7 semplici passaggi

La vita frenetica con il tuo bambino non si ferma, e nemmeno il tuo passeggino. Ti accompagna in tutte le tue avventure, quindi non sorprende che occasionalmente lo trovi bisognoso di una bella pulita. Se ti stai chiedendo come pulire un passeggino, resta qui! While it might seem like a big task, it doesn’t have to be hard. In this article, we’ll give you seven steps to clean a pushchair with basic supplies you have at home.

Parents pushing their baby in a pushchair

Come scegliere un buon lettino da viaggio?

Quando si tratta di viaggiare con il tuo bambino, c'è un prodotto che può semplificarti la vita: il lettino da viaggio. Progettati per essere ultraportatili, ti permettono di portarli con te nei lunghi viaggi e hanno comunque uno spazio confortevole per far dormire il tuo bambino. Scegliere il miglior lettino da viaggio è facile se sai cosa aspettarti. Ecco perché ti presentiamo qui tutte le caratteristiche essenziali.

Two men are in the kitchen - one is cooking and the other is playing with a toddler, who is standing in the Bugaboo Stardust travel cot.

New Bugaboo Bee 6 — rediscovering life in the city

No matter if you are a first-time parent or a more experienced one, the first year after your baby's arrival is a time filled with unconditional love, unexpected challenges, and creating memories together. The city will be the place where you will be able to embark on new adventures. Rediscover what life in the city means to you and your family, with the best companion by your side. With Bugaboo Bee 6, the city is your playground.

A couple crossing the street with their Bugaboo Bee 6 city stroller in the seat configuration

Stardust: reinventing bedtime with our new travel cot

Everybody knows Bugaboo for reinventing the stroller business 20 years ago. This year we bring our own unique perspective to parenthood once again, making the complicated, uncomplicated. We proudly introduce the Bugaboo Stardust: the 1 second unfold travel cot.

Stardust travel cot

Style by Barber

Barber Ebbinge is the Styling Director at Bugaboo's Innovation department. Together with her team, she is responsible for how Bugaboo products look and feel, making sure all products are remarkably beautiful and functional. What she loves about design at Bugaboo is that "we are colorful and free-spirited, we want to put a smile on the face of our consumers, and we are pioneers at heart, trying to find better solutions and new ways." In Barber's own words, "We want to take the road less traveled. Therefore, the inspiration never stops."

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

What’s new: Bugaboo Fox 2 and Bugaboo Donkey 3

When we started thinking about the next generation of our Fox and Donkey strollers, we talked to owners of previous models, experienced parents and parents-to-be to better understand what was needed and what problems we could help solve. Ready on to learn about our journey through researching, designing, testing, and launching our two newest arrivals.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Calling all the Super Moms: Bugaboo wishes you a Happy Mother's Day!

On this Mother's Day, we want to take a moment to appreciate all the moms who work at Bugaboo. We asked some of our colleagues what 'being a mom' means to them and want to take this moment to celebrate them. Let’s hear more about their routine as they embrace multiple roles in their lives and work day-in-day-out to bring the Bugaboo products and the stories behind their creation to you.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

In conversation with Gray Malin

For Spring & Summer 2020, Bugaboo partnered with acclaimed fine art photographer Gray Malin on the perfect summer accessory: the breezy sun canopy in a limited edition print featuring Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. Perfect for creative, design-loving parents, Bugaboo by Gray Malin brings the beauty of the beach to every adventure.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Buzzing around the city, traveling around the world

You’re on your way to your favorite café. The streets are swarming with bustling city life. And all you need is for your baby to sleep so that you can enjoy a chat with a friend—or a 5-minute coffee break for yourself. That’s where the Bugaboo Bee comes in.

Follow the Bugaboo Bee 5 Coral on its trip around the world

Five cities, five photographers—and the most comfortable city stroller. Meet the Bugaboo Bee 5 Coral, a stroller made to stand out in the city. For this limited edition, we’ve asked five young, talented photographers from around the world to capture it in action.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Small stroller, big adventures

Great things really do come in small packages. Meet the Bugaboo Ant, our lightest, most compact travel stroller yet—and designed for your next adventure.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

In conversation with Bas Kosters

A lot has happened since Bugaboo’s first collaboration with the artist and designer Bas Kosters in 2005. But some things never change – the collaborative energy, the two-way boundary pushing, the innovative design aesthetic and, of course, the friendship.

A few of my favorite things: Mónica Diago’s urban chic

Madrid-based architect Mónica Diago shows us a few of her favorite things which inspire her work and daily life with her two children.

Where it all began: celebrating 20 years of Bugaboo

More than two decades ago, one man had an idea. It was an idea so visionary that it would revolutionize an entire industry and forever change the way we think about strollers.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Loved by parents since 2005

An icon from the start, the Bugaboo Cameleon has been helping families get out and explore for more than a decade. In this journal, parents from around the world share their Bugaboo love stories and tell us why the original stroller is the one for them.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

The art of motherhood with Cathelijne Biskop

Did you know we like to use real families to showcase our strollers? This month, we catch up the face behind our Bugaboo Fox Classic campaign — artist and mother Cathelijne Biskop.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Design story: the Bugaboo Fox Stellar

Join us behind the scenes to find out about the inspiration and design story of the Bugaboo Fox Stellar.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

On the road with @likemiljian

This month, we chat with the Miljian family about life on the road with two young children and find out how they make it work.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Coral says ‘YES!’ to travel

In this month’s Journal, we speak with mother of two Coral about traveling as a family and her Moroccan adventure with the Bugaboo Fox.

Creating the Bugaboo Atelier collection

We take you inside Bugaboo’s atelier where our products are crafted – from concept to creation.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Bugaboo by Diesel: the making of a denim masterpiece

“We thought again and again that what we wanted to create simply wasn’t possible!” - Annegien Polderman, Lead Engineer, Bugaboo. We talk to the team in charge of designing and creating the new Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection, available now. What does it take to make a masterpiece of engineering? The beauty is all in the details.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

Bugaboo Hearts Denim

“Denim is a unisex, versatile and no-nonsense material. It’s also kind of rebellious! All of these qualities make it a perfect fit for Bugaboo” says Madeleen Klaasen, Chief Marketing Officer at Bugaboo.

Bugaboo Blog | Bugaboo

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