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Bugaboo Fox 2

The ultimate comfort stroller

The most comfortable go-anywhere, do-anything stroller we've ever made. From birth to toddler, it's smooth handling every step of the way, so nothing stops you and your family from discovering everything the world has to offer.

A sophisticated globetrotter that’s equally at home in the city and the country. ​

Fingertip push

For life’s twists and turns

The Fox 2 is so responsive you’re ready to go with just a touch. Fingertip push means you’re always in control on any terrain - from exploring paths less traveled out of town to zipping across busy sidewalks with ease.

Easy to maneuver

The unique wheel design leaves no corner unturned.

Fingertip push

Light touch and you’re ready to go.

Wherever the road takes you

With a little co-pilot, no two days and no two journeys are the same. That's why the Fox 2 has the best handling on any terrain, making every route equally smooth.

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Groundbreaking suspension

For every bump on the road

Our most comfortable ride yet. The large puncture proof wheels, iconic Bugaboo central-joint, and 4-wheel suspension create a smooth, steady ride from cobblestones to sand, making sure that your child feels just as comfy wherever you are.

City Walk
City walk
Sunday Walk
Sunday walk
Rough Terrain
Rough terrain

Cushion the ride

Wherever adventure takes you, the advanced suspension combined with premium fabrics and soft padding will provide amazing comfort and support. It all means fewer bumps and longer naps.

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Innovative design

Every discovery is effortless fun

We paired ingenious Dutch design with more than 20 years of stroller innovation know-how to bring you our most advanced stroller yet. Its unmatched comfort and design features offer an unbeatable strolling experience anywhere you go.

One hand push

It's so responsive you're always in control.

Strong yet light

Easy to lift and store thanks to its high quality, lightweight materials.

Ultimate comfort

Innovative design features mean sleep inducing comfort.

Ready to go from day one

The Fox 2 is the perfect balance between comfort, safety and lightness. It’s ready to take on even the most challenging environments together with your newborn or toddler, while still being easy to fold and carry upstairs or lift in and out of a car.

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Highest seat position means closer to you

Seat 59cm

Design that suits your style

You can customize your Fox 2 to suit your style with colorful, quality fabrics and accessories for every age and season.

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Perfect pairings for Fox 2


Whether you need to bundle up or take on the sunshine, our range of cool accessories for the Fox 2 have you covered.

Turtle Air by Nuna

From the first ride home from the hospital to all your adventures after that, our car seat keeps you on the go without waking anyone up.

The bugaboo promise

We sweat the details, so you don't have to. Our designers and engineers spend years developing, testing, and refining every product far beyond industry standards. So you can be sure that every joint, stitch, and click is designed to help you and your family enjoy the most comfortable ride, whatever the journey.

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