Bugaboo: 業界を変えた唯一の一台

Bugaboo: 業界を変えた唯一の一台

2016-01-12 - 2016年、世界で愛されるベビーカーブランド、Bugaboo(バガブー)の一年間のキャンペーンを開始。

Bugaboo: 業界を変えた唯一の一台

We first started our company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1994 with the ambition to create a completely new type of stroller.

Why? Because at the time, there was nothing like a Bugaboo stroller in exixtence. Bugaboo came along and changed how you could experience your first years of parenthood by creating a stroller that fits with a modern lifestyle.

By bringing breakthrough functionality back to its simplest form, our strollers have helped modern parents enjoy freedom of movement in style for generations now. From newborn to toddler, children of all ages have wonderful adventures in their Bugaboo strollers.

Embraced by families all over the world, Bugaboo has become the world’s best-loved stroller brand out there. To celebrate our iconic range of strollers, we will be introducing several limited editions, starting with the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Blend, which is featured in the image above.

During 2016 we will also explore our rich design heritage with a series of stories, right here on the Bugaboo Journal. We’ll also go behind the scenes to talk to the people who design and create our strollers, including the company’s co-founder and the inventor of the first Bugaboo stroller, Max Barenbrug - who is one of the Netherland’s most successful designers.

Additionally, families, friends and fans of Bugaboo from all over the world will also take center stage during 2016 to tell their own stories about their adventures with their Bugaboo strollers.

Do you have a great story about your Bugaboo stroller? We’d love to hear from you, so why not email us at theone@bugaboo.com. Who knows, you may be asked to take part in our campaign.

*Pictured above is the Bugaboo Cameleon³ Blend, now available here



バガブー アトリエ コレクションの創造

8 15, 2017 - デザイン

バガブーの製品が生み出されるアトリエ - コンセプトから創造まで



12 20, 2016 - デザイン




8 10, 2016 - デザイン

『バガブー最新のバガブー カメレオン³ エレメント(Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements)は海や風、岩などの大自然をデザインに落とし込んで仕上げたナチュラルテイストなベビーカー。』と細部までこだわったこのスタイリッシュなベビーカーへのデザインへのアプローチや想いを、デザイナーのシーツカ・スニマは話します。