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5 adventures that are twice the fun with a second baby

When your crew grows from one to two, you can have twice the fun on your adventures together. Consider this your go-list for second-baby explorations that invite your co-pilots to learn, play, and bond. 

Pro Tip: The Bugaboo Donkey 5 supports sibling bonding with side-by-side seating. To ensure the ride’s just as smooth for you, it includes quick fold and unfold functionality and a surprisingly compact frame so you can move from place to place in a snap. 

A day at the museum

Whether marveling at art or enjoying hands-on experiences at exhibits designed for little ones, the world your co-pilots know and love is the one you show them. Head to a museum that you can all enjoy and watch your sidekicks embrace the wonder of all it offers. 

Pro-Tip: If your toddler wants out of their seat, attach the Bugaboo wheeled board to your stroller so they can cruise on their feet while your little one strolls. 

Picnic in the park 

Impromptu picnics and playtime in the park gives your duo the opportunity to take in the beauty of the day while getting some of that bubbly energy out, so they’re set when naptime rolls around. 

Pro Tip: You can remove the Donkey 5’s stroller seats to create secure seating for your co-pilots on the ground. Let your youngest kick back and lounge while your toddler runs, jumps, and tumbles in the grass. 

Child smiling in Donkey 5 stroller

Summer seaside strolls

Rising temps call for breezy weekends at the beach. Pack the car for a day of collecting pearly seashells, watching rolling tides, and teaching your older co-pilot to make sandcastles while your little one watches with awe. 

Pro Tip: A bit of a drive ahead? If you arrive at the beach mid-nap, there’s no need to disturb your sleepy co-pilots. Pop the Turtle Air by Nuna car seat onto the Donkey 5, and you’re ready to roll. 

Morning stroll

Step out into the dewy, quiet morning before your neighborhood comes alive. Watch the sunrise together with your co-pilots as you hit the trail, town, or wherever your walk takes you. 

Pro Tip: Early activities can sometimes mean your youngest is still snoozing. Lucky for you, the Donkey 5 stroller can be modified from side-by-side strollers to a stroller and a bassinet with ease. 

Siblings sitting in double stroller

A stroll through the zoo

Let your sidekicks take in the tumbling otters, sleepy sloths, and towering lions they love in their toy chest and favorite shows IRL. Before visiting the zoo with your crew, check their website to see if they offer special exhibits or experiences for little ones. 

Pro Tip: Store your duo’s on-the-go essentials in the Donkey 5’s underseat basket. With 22 lbs. Capacity, you can bring snacks, toys, outfit changes - everything you need for a wonderful day out together.  

The best way to keep both of your co-pilots smiling and rested? Choose a stroller that quickly adapts to their changing needs. Whether your duo wants to stroll, snooze, snack, or cruise, the Donkey 5 makes adventures twice as fun with two.