Mom walking her baby outside in a bassinet stroller

What to look for in a bassinet stroller that will last

The arrival of your new baby means even more adventures, and, with the right stroller, you’ll be ready for whatever lies ahead. For an infant who can’t yet hold their head up, a bassinet stroller is just the thing, making walks and on-the-go naps a breeze.

To help you pick the perfect bassinet stroller, we’ll discuss several things to look for when you’re shopping. But first things first: Let’s define what a bassinet stroller is to help you differentiate it from other strollers. 

What is a bassinet stroller?

A bassinet stroller is just what it sounds like. Essentially, it’s a baby bed on wheels! 

It consists of a removable bassinet that attaches to a regular stroller frame. These strollers are designed so that newborns and infants can lie down flat while you stroll. This configuration makes them different from car seat stroller options — and ideal for walking and napping!

That said, we’d like to touch on two important factors to take into account when you start shopping for a bassinet stroller: how many children you have and your lifestyle. 

Factors to consider before shopping

How many children you have

Couple going for a walk with a double stroller

Bassinet strollers aren’t only for parents of one. Whether you have twins or a new baby plus a toddler, there’s a double bassinet stroller for you! 

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo is designed for siblings of different ages and can be configured to fit one seat and one bassinet or two seats. 

Meanwhile, the Donkey 5 Twin is (as you can guess) ideal for twins and fits either two bassinets, two seats, or one bassinet and one seat. 

This side-by-side stroller is also slimmer than you might think. At 29 inches wide, it fits through most standard doorways so you can navigate the supermarket and your favorite coffee shop without batting an eye. 

And if you have three kids of varying ages and need an extra seat, add the Bugaboo comfort wheeled board. Hop in, everyone!

Only have one co-pilot but plan on adding more to your crew? Consider a single bassinet stroller (like the Donkey 5 Mono) that converts into a double stroller in just a few clicks when your family grows. 

In the meantime, enjoy spacious storage for yummy snacks and all of the other fun things you need for your adventures. 

Your lifestyle

Parents in a park with her baby in a bassinet stroller

The other big factor to consider before choosing a bassinet stroller is your lifestyle. Where will you be taking this stroller? 

In general, neither your newborn nor bassinet strollers are made for off-road adventures or running, but bassinet strollers with wheel suspension are more adept at taking on the (literal) bumps in the road. 

For example, our Fox 3 is the ultimate all-terrain stroller that comes with a bassinet option. Its four-wheel suspension and large puncture-proof wheels make for a smooth, steady ride — perfect for undisturbed naps. 

The innovative central joint works in harmony with the rest of the stroller to absorb shakiness from going up curbs and rolling on cobblestone. This design adds just the right amount of extra comfort for your baby!

For city-dwellers looking for a more compact stroller, we recommend the Bee 6 bassinet + seat stroller, which offers comfort and ease in a compact size. 

If you plan on keeping your bassinet stroller around for the long haul, taking your lifestyle into account means that you’ll be able to stroll comfortably for years to come. With the right option, you can easily transition your baby into a regular stroller seat when they’re ready. 

As a matter of fact, the Fox 3 and Donkey 5 Mono easily turn into a seat when your baby can hold their head up — no additional piece needed!

Lastly, if you’ll be popping your stroller into the trunk, we recommend checking those dimensions, too. 

Taking these important factors into account, let’s move on to discuss what to look for in a quality bassinet stroller that you’ll love and use for the long run. 

What to look for in a bassinet stroller


For a stroller to see you through the years, it’s got to hold up to all the mischief you and your tiny partner will get into. 

Check the warranty of the stroller you’re considering, and make sure it’s meticulously tested and crafted to exceed quality standards. 

With Bugaboo, strollers registered on from and including April 1st, 2021, will receive 2 additional years warranty when registered within 3 months of purchase. Read more about our 2+2 warranty here

Also, look for high-quality materials that are durable and easy to care for. 

We recommend machine-washable fabric that makes tidying up a cinch. And because we know the importance of convenient cleaning, most Bugaboo fabrics can be easily detached and thrown in the washing machine.

Options and adaptability 

To use a bassinet stroller for a long time, it needs to be adaptable as well as durable.

We touched on this in the previous section, but look for a stroller that easily transitions from a bassinet into a seat to accommodate your growing baby (or your growing family!).  


Baby sleeping in a bassinet stroller

In general, bassinets are safe spaces for babies to nap in. This is one of the great things about bassinet strollers. You’ll just want to make sure that the stroller you choose and any extra features it has are up to date when it comes to industry safety standards. 

Since your baby’s bassinet stroller is, after all, a bed on wheels, our bassinet attachments at Bugaboo are made with a soft, aerated mattress that allows your baby to sleep comfortably and breathe easily. 

Live in a warmer climate? The Fox 3 and Donkey 5 come with a breezy bassinet that has soft mesh side panels for smoother airflow and a glimpse of the exciting world around your stroller. When it gets windy, simply seal the panel shut for extra protection and warmth. 

Easy transportability

Strollers enable you to take your life and little co-pilot on the go. With the right ride, nothing can stop the two of you! And it will be easier if the bassinet stroller you choose is lightweight and folds easily for all of your adventures. 

Whether it’s in and out of the trunk or up and down the metro, you’ll thank yourself later.

At Bugaboo, the Bugaboo Lynx is our lightest full-size stroller and folds into one light piece you can then effortlessly take up, down, in, and out as needed.

Sufficient storage space

Be sure to evaluate the available storage space when you’re shopping for a bassinet stroller. Newborns need a lot of stuff, so it’s important to have a place to put it all when you’re out and about.

All of the Bugaboo strollers offer ample under-seat storage. But, if you’re strolling with only one baby, opt for the Donkey 5 Mono, which gives you not only under-seat storage but also a side luggage basket to tote whatever you might need. 

Between these two storage spaces, you can carry up to 44 pounds of goodies while still pushing effortlessly. 

No matter which stroller design you choose, if you need a little extra space, add our multi-pocket organizer, which is compatible with all Bugaboo strollers except the Ant

Good maneuverability 

For us, easy steering is an essential feature of any stroller. 

Whether you’re going up and down curbs or rushing through tight spaces, you want a stroller that is easy to maneuver and can be pushed with one hand. That leaves your other hand free to take a call, sip your favorite drink, or tend to the other kid-partner by your side. 

With the 2-wheel and 4-wheel suspension of Bugaboo strollers, maneuverability is a given.  

Available extras and accessories

The final thing you’ll want to look for in a bassinet stroller is the ability to add all of the extras and accessories that are must-haves for your lifestyle.

For your brand-new baby and their first few strolls, you may want a newborn inlay to keep them cozy. 

This provides an essential extra layer of warmth and protection and a handy inner strap to keep your newborn comfortably in place. It’s also made with soft cotton fabrics designed for their sensitive skin.

If you’re looking to keep drinks within reach while on the go, add a cup holder for you and your partner in crime! This extra feature keeps little tummies happy and you fueled and ready to cruise around town. 

We even offer a smartphone holder for your stroller to help you navigate the city at a glance!

A bassinet stroller for every family

Couple going for a walk with their baby

Keep in mind that strollers — just like families — come in all shapes and sizes, and you have lots of choices! There’s truly a bassinet stroller for every family, whether you’ve got one, two, or three children — and no matter where you live. 

Turn to the Fox 3 for all-terrain adventures or the Bee 6 for city strolling. If a double bassinet stroller is the order of the day, look no further than the Donkey 5 Twin

Add the accessories and extras that fit your needs, and just like that, you’re out and about with the newest member of your family!