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The greatest travel stroller

DKK 3 990
Bugaboo Ant | Lightweight travel stroller | Bugaboo
Bugaboo Ant | Lightweight travel stroller | Bugaboo

The greatest ultra compact stroller

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The compact size stroller

Great things really do come in small packages. Meet the Bugaboo Ant—the lightest, ultra compact stroller yet. Going on a big family adventure, or staying closer to home? The Bugaboo Ant is full of smart features that will make traveling with children easier and more enjoyable, wherever you go. The Bugaboo Ant is suitable from birth and comes with integrated attachment points for the comfort wheeled board.

Bugaboo Ant | Lightweight travel stroller | Bugaboo

Reversible ergonomical seat

With the Bugaboo Ant, you can choose which direction your child is facing, thanks to the innovative reversible and reclinable seat. When facing you, it's great for keeping child and parent connected and can be reclined into three different positions. The facing-the-world position is ideal for stimulating your child’s senses.

On-the-go comfort

Form meets function in the ergonomic seat, which combines both support and flexibility. The reclinable, supportive backrest is designed to help the child sit up straight to improve posture and increase comfort.

Bugaboo Ant | Lightweight travel stroller | Bugaboo

Great luggage space

At only 7.2 kg / 15.8 lbs the Bugaboo Ant is our most lightweight stroller yet, and thanks to its most compact folded size of just 55 x 38 x 23 cm (9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inch) it can also be used as a carry-on for most airlines. But despite its super lightweight composition the Bugaboo Ant is robust and strong, and can carry a child up to 23 kg / 50 lbs. Meanwhile an always-accessible rear luggage basket and large underseat basket provide a combined 8 kg of additional storage capacity.

Bugaboo Ant | Lightweight travel stroller | Bugaboo

More than just strollers

Top Bugaboo Ant accessories

Be prepared for unexpected weather changes with the Bugaboo Ant rain cover. Easy to install and compact in size, this stroller rain cover is an essential accessory to bring with you wherever you go.

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Bugaboo Ant | Lightweight travel stroller | Bugaboo

Why Bugaboo

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Reversible seat

Top maneuverability

Travel size

Advanced suspension

Ultimate city comfort

One-piece fold

Top maneuverability

Iconic design

Proven quality

Reversible handlebar


Fits through any standard doorway

One or two kids

Extra storage/Lightens your load

Side by side

Double stroller

Extra storage/Lightens your load

Fits through most standard doorways

Side by side strolling

Twin stroller

Side by side

Fits through most standard doorways

Double the storage/Lightens your load