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Bugaboo Buffalo washing and maintenance

Maintenance tips

These tips will help you take care of your Bugaboo Buffalo and ensure a smooth ride. 

• Periodically remove the wheels and brush off any dirt or sand. Use a brush and water to clean dirt off the wheels. Do not submerge the wheel bearings in water.

• Use a soft brush to clean sand and dirt off the chassis. Take care to brush dirt away from rotating or sliding parts.

• Clean the chassis with a soft towel and lukewarm water and wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth.

• Use a sponge, warm water and liquid soap to gently rub off any dirt on the handlebar foam. Wipe clean any soap residue left on the handlebar.

• Store your Bugaboo Buffalo and its accessories in a dry place and leave them unfolded when wet to prevent mold.

Cleaning the fabrics

The Bugaboo Buffalo bassinet/carrycot and seat fabrics are detachable and machine washable. When washing, don’t forget:

• maximum temperature 30°C/85°F (cold wash)

• do not use bleach or aggressive detergents

• do not tumble dry

• do not iron

• do not dry clean

• always wash separately Always check the fabric label before washing.

The aerated inlay of the mattress can be washed at 60°C. The aerated inlay is placed on top of the thicker foam mattress and can be taken off by removing the mattress cover. After washing, ensure that all mattress parts are replaced in their original positions, with the aerated inlay placed on top of the foam mattress.

Do not use the mattress without the aerated inlay.

The Bugaboo Buffalo under seat basket is non-washable, but can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.