baby stroller buying guide

Baby stroller buying guide: What to look for when you shop

A baby stroller keeps you and your tiny partner in crime on the move and ready for any adventure that comes your way! To keep things rolling, you’ll want to choose the perfect stroller complete with all features your family needs.

If you’re not sure how to sift through the many stroller options on the market, keep reading. We’ll discuss two important factors to consider and share a variety of stroller features to look for when you shop.

Baby stroller buying: factors to consider

Your baby stroller becomes a big part of your life! Strollers — just like families — come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important for your stroller to suit your unique needs.

The size of your family

Man pushing a double stroller on the sidewalk

Whether you opt for a single stroller or a double stroller will depend on how many kids you have. If you have one, a single stroller will do the trick.

That said, some parents who plan to have more children in the future opt for a stroller that can convert from a seat for one (with storage galore) to a double stroller later. And, of course, if you already have two kids or are expecting twins, a double stroller is in your future for sure.

You’ll also need to consider the ages of your children. For example, a double stroller configuration for twins is not always the same as a double stroller for kids of different ages.

You have a couple of configuration options when it comes to double strollers: tandem (also called in-line) and side-by-side.

Tandem strollers offer a toddler seat on the bottom and an infant seat on top, making this stroller approximately the width of a single stroller.

Meanwhile, side-by-side strollers feature seats that are, as the name implies, right next to each other. We love this option because it allows your kids to be close, facilitating that special sibling bonding!

Double strollers can be slimmer than you might imagine. Some side-by-side double strollers offer multiple configuration options so you can combine a seat, bassinet, or car seat in any way you want, depending on the age of your kids and whether you have one or two in tow.

For some strollers, another option to accommodate an older child is using an attachable seat, like the Bugaboo Comfort wheeled board. This extra spot gives your child the choice to sit or stand so they can be comfy as they ride in style.

Note: Be sure to check if your stroller needs an adapter to attach a wheeled board.

Your lifestyle

Dad pushing a side-by-side stroller through a doorway

The second important factor to consider when choosing a stroller is your lifestyle — for example, whether you live in the city or the country, walk or drive more, or love the cityscape or the woods.

Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Where do you typically walk?
  • Do you need an all-terrain stroller for walks in the woods or on snowy days?
  • Will the stroller need to be folded and transported?
  • Do you need to be able to squeeze through slim doorways?

Answering these questions will help you decide what type of stroller you need and which features (such as suspension, wheel durability, and foldability) are must-haves for your family.

Once you’ve decided if you’re opting for a double stroller or a single stroller and what type of stroller you need, you’re ready to look at the smaller details, so let’s dive in!

Baby stroller features: what to look for

Age-appropriate options

For a stroller that changes and grows with your baby, look for one that allows you to easily switch seats while keeping the same stroller base. This way your baby can rest in a bassinet or car seat-style seat and, when they grow, seamlessly transition to an upright seat.

The Bugaboo Fox 3 features advanced ergonomics, and the new bassinet design with a breezy panel offers optimal airflow for even more comfort for your baby. It’s the ultimate comfort stroller for any terrain and all of your adventures!

Reversible seats

Siblings ride in a convertible double stroller

As we just mentioned, a reversible seat allows you to choose whether your tiny co-pilot faces you or the world in front of them. This is an especially important feature if you’re strolling around with two kids.

Completely reversible seats in a side-by-side double stroller allow you to choose whether both kids face forward, backward, or toward each other for some sibling bonding.


Safety always comes first, and it’s essential to choose a stroller with brakes that are easy for you to manage. Trying a stroller in person is a great way to decide if the brake is comfortable for you.

The brakes on our Lynx stroller are what we like to call “flip-flop friendly.” You can press the brake pedal with one foot to safely and easily activate or release the brake — and off you go!


Since strollers can convert and see you through many, many years, you’ll want the materials to be sturdy enough to last, too. You won’t regret choosing a long-lasting, quality stroller.

Look for durable, easy-to-care-for products with replaceable parts, washable fabrics, and puncture-proof wheels for the best, stress-free adventures.

Pro Tip: We recommend purchasing extra stroller protection, such as our Clyde protection plans that cover accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns.

At Bugaboo, we’re also offering a 2+2 warranty. This means that strollers registered on on or after April 1st, 2021 will receive two additional years’ warranty when within three months of purchase. Read more here.


Man and woman with stroller by a lake

It doesn’t matter if you’re wheeling through crowded streets or across wooded paths — maneuverability is key to getting out there for every adventure! Look for a stroller with a smooth ride that’s easy as pie for you to push.

With the right design, even a double stroller can provide a fantastic push. For example, the Donkey 5 Twin was designed for maximum maneuverability, which means you can get it rolling with a single finger even with two little co-pilots.

All of the Bugaboo strollers also offer an adjustable handlebar to make things easy on you and as comfortable as possible.

Wheel suspension is another factor in good maneuverability and a smooth ride for your child. Our compact stroller, the Bee 6, boasts 4-wheel suspension with a high-quality dampening mechanism, offering extra shock absorption for bump-free rides.

Undisturbed naps? Check.


Pull out your tape measure because if you’ve never measured your door or car trunk, now’s the time to do so.

Assuming your stroller must fit through your front door, measuring is the only way to be sure! You may also want to consider where you plan to store your stroller when it’s not in use, such as the hall closet, and measure the space to make sure it’s big enough.

Secondly, if you’ll need to transport the stroller in your car trunk a lot, it’s important to take measurements and compare them with the folded dimensions of the stroller you’re considering.

Sun and rain protection

Mom smiles at her baby in a stroller while walking

Come rain or shine, your partner in crime is ready to go. Your stroller should be, too. Make sure the stroller you’re considering comes with rain covers and sun canopies that can be attached and detached as needed.

Sufficient storage

Babies are small, but they can require a lot of things. And when you have twins, it’s double the fun but also double the stuff! Check for sufficient storage space in your stroller and add-on storage options as well.

The Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo can carry 22 pounds in the under-seat basket and an additional 22 pounds if you just stroll with one child and add the side luggage basket.

Regardless, you can add a Bugaboo organizer to any Bugaboo stroller (except the Ant) to keep your baby essentials within arm’s reach. And it can be conveniently turned into a hand tote bag for grab-and-go convenience.

Easy access to snacks and drinks

Speaking of keeping the essentials closeby, we’d consider snacks and drinks while you stroll essential for both you and your tiny one!

For the best experience and no grumbly tummies, opt for a stroller that comes with a built-in or attachable snack tray for your toddler and a cup holder for you.

Washable parts

Last but certainly not least, a great stroller is one that’s easy to keep clean. We recommend choosing one with washable fabric so you can simply wipe it down, wash the fabric, and let it all air-dry.

(Expert Tip: If cleaning a stroller sounds intimidating, check out our tips here. You’ll be a pro in no time!)

Keep in mind that all Bugaboo fabrics can be easily detached to facilitate cleaning, and most of them are machine washable.

Ready to roll with the perfect baby stroller

With the right stroller and your child in tow, you’re ready to conquer whatever comes your way — together.

Choose a stroller by taking into account how many kids you have as well as your lifestyle, and then look for the features that will make the stroller perfect for your family.

For one child, look no further than the Bee 6 or Fox 3. Or if you have twins, stroll comfortably with the Donkey 5 Twin or Donkey 5 Duo. Your family will be ready to roll in three…two…one!