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The safe and convenient car seat

Enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride

Light as a cloud

From the first trip home from the hospital to all your road trips after that, the Turtle Air by Nuna will always provide a safe and comfortable ride. Its ultra lightweight design lets you carry your baby from car to stroller and back again effortlessly without waking anyone up.

All sides are on the safe side

Feel confident on discoveries near and far because the Turtle Air by Nuna's materials have been carefully developed and meticulously tested so that its outer shell and headrest efficiently absorb force and protect your little co-pilot.

Traveling in first-class

The premium materials, ultra comfort padding, and Merino wool insert make your baby feel like they're traveling in first-class. Extras like the signature Bugaboo canopy and snooze shade let you transform your carrier into a safe cocoon for on-the-go naps.

Clicks with Bugaboo strollers

Seamlessly pair the Turtle Air by Nuna with your favorite Bugaboo stroller in a few clicks with the car-to-stroller adapters. When it comes to looks, the carrier is designed to match your stroller perfectly. Fits every Bugaboo stroller except the Bugaboo Ant.

The Bugaboo promise

We sweat the details, so you don't have to. Our designers and engineers spend years developing, testing, and refining every product far beyond industry standards. So you can be sure that every joint, stitch, and click is designed to help you and your family enjoy the most comfortable ride, whatever the journey.

Designed for discovery