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Bugaboo Buffalo warning information

I. General

1. IMPORTANT - Read the instructions carefully before use and KEEP FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

2. Failure to follow these warnings and the instructions could result in serious injury or death.

3. NEVER leave child unattended.

4. Do not use if any part of the product is broken, torn or missing.

5. Do not use accessories or replacement parts other than those approved by Bugaboo.

6. Be aware of the risk of open fire and other sources of strong heat, such as electric bar fires, gas fires, etc. in the near vicinity of bassinet/carrycot.

7. The handles and the bottom of the bassinet/carrycot should be inspected regularly for signs of damage and wear.

8. Avoid serious injury from falling or sliding out. Always use harness.

9. Always use the restraint system.

10. Do not use your Bugaboo Buffalo stroller on stairs.

11. SUFFOCATION HAZARD: Do not use the sun canopy in the extended position in combination with the rain cover.

12. ENTANGLEMENT HAZARD: Carry handles of bags shall be left out of the bassinet/carrycot and outside the occupant area of the seat.

II. Stroller

13. Strings can cause strangulation! Do not place items with a string around a child's neck, such as hood strings or pacifier cords. Do not suspend strings over a bassinet/carrycot or cradle or attach strings to toys.

14. Always apply the brake when placing and removing children.

15. Never pick up the Bugaboo Buffalo and chassis by the carry handle while your child is lying or sitting in the bassinet/carrycot or seat.

16. Always use the safety features of your Bugaboo Buffalo including locking devices, brake, the harness and the wrist strap (see this user guide for additional information). Check and maintain all safety features frequently.

17. Take your child out of the Bugaboo Buffalo when going up or down stairs and around steep or unstable conditions. Also, take extra care when going up or down a curb or other uneven surfaces.

18. Maximum allowable height for the child in the stroller is 102 cm/40 inches.

19. The Bugaboo Buffalo is suitable for children from birth (0 years) to 36 months (17 kg/37.5 lbs).

20. The stroller does not replace a cot or a bed. Should your child need to sleep, then it should be placed in a suitable pram body, cot or bed. NL

21. Check that the bassinet/carrycot or seat unit or car seat attachment devices are correctly engaged before use.

22. Ensure that all locking devices are engaged before use.

23. To avoid injury ensure that your child is kept away from unfolding and folding this product.

24. do not let your child play with this product.

25. This product is not suitable for running or skating.

26. This vehicle is intended for use by only one child.

27. Never leave the carry handle loose in the bassinet/carrycot or seat area, always ensure that it is properly locked into place.

28. Use only the manufacturer’s recommended weights in the underseat basket otherwise the stroller may become unstable.

29. The product will become unstable if the manufacturer’s recommended load is exceeded.

30. This product may become unstable if bags or luggage other than those recommended by Bugaboo are placed on the handlebar.

31. Any load attached to the handlebar affects the stability of the stroller.

32. Maximum weight for the underseat basket is 10 kg (22 lbs).

33. Maximum weight for the child on the wheeled board is 20kg (44 lbs).

34. Max load on bag hooks: 6kg (13.2 lbs).

35. This seat unit is not suitable for children under 6 months.

36. Use only combinations of accessories that are approved by Bugaboo.

37. The Bugaboo Buffalo frame (no. 430201) should only be used with the Bugaboo Buffalo chassis (no. 430200/430220). Do not use Bugaboo Buffalo parts or components with any non approved stroller or any other Bugaboo product.

III. Using the seat/bassinet/carrycot independently of the stroller chassis

38. Do not use if any part of the bassinet/carrycot is broken, torn or missing.

39. Only use on a firm, horizontal level and dry surface.

40. FALL HAZARD: to help prevent falls, do not use this product when the infant begins to push up on hands and knees or has reached 9kg/20lbs, whichever comes first.

41. Never use the bassinet/carrycot or seat on a stand other than the Bugaboo stand (only available in US and Australia). Refer to the Bugaboo Stand user guide.

42. FALL HAZARD: Child's movement can move carrier. NEVER place carrier on counter tops, tables or other elevated surfaces..

43. FALL HAZARD: Always check that the bassinet/carrycot is securely locked on the base/stand by pulling upwards on the bassinet/carrycot bed.

44. It is dangerous to use the reclined cradle on an elevated surface e.g. a table.

45. The bassinet/carrycot is suitable for a child who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push itself up on its hands and knees. Maximum weight of the child: 9kg (20 lbs).

46. Maximum weight for the child in the seat when used independently of the chassis is 9 kg (20 lbs).

47. This bassinet/carrycot is only suitable for a child who cannot sit up unaided.

48. Do not use the seat off of the chassis once your child can sit unaided.

49. NEVER use the bassinet/carrycot or seat as means to transport an infant in a motor vehicle.

50. Do not let other children play unattended near the bassinet/carrycot.

51. The reclined cradle is not intended for prolonged periods of sleeping.

52. The seat or bassinet/carrycot do not replace a cot or a bed. Should your child need to sleep, then it should be placed in a suitable cot or bed.

53. To reduce the risk of SIDS, pediatricians recommend healthy infants be placed on their backs to sleep, unless otherwise advised by your physician.

54. Strangulation Hazard: Child can strangle in loose restraint straps. NEVER leave child in seat when straps are loose or undone.

55. Children have STRANGLED in loose or partially buckled straps. Fully restrain child at all times.

56. Use only the mattress and pad provided by the manufacturer.

57. Bassinet/carrycot or seat can roll over on soft surfaces and suffocate child. NEVER place carriers on beds, sofas, or other soft surfaces.

58. SUFFOCATION HAZARD Infants have suffocated: - In gaps between extra padding and the side of the bassinet/carrycot, and - On soft bedding. Use ONLY the pad provided by Bugaboo. - NEVER add a pillow, comforter, or another mattress for padding. - Seat can roll over on soft surfaces and suffocate child. NEVER place seat on beds, sofas, or other soft surfaces.

59. Before carrying, or lifting the bassinet/carrycot make sure that the carry handle is in correct position of use.

60. The head of the child in the bassinet/carrycot should never be lower than the body of the child.

61. Do not place the bassinet/carrycot near an open fire or other source of strong heat

IV. Using the two wheel position

62. Always use the wrist strap when in two wheel position.

63. Do not use the bassinet/carrycot or car seat in the two wheel position.