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The perfect stroller for every parent
The perfect stroller for every parent

The perfect stroller for every parent

Meet the Bugaboo strollers

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Getting ready to become a parent is already challenging on itself—we came up with 4 quick questions to help you find the best stroller for you.

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Bugaboo strollers are one of a kind

Baby strollers Bugaboo | Luxury strollers | Bugaboo

Best driving experience

Your Bugaboo is always ready to roll. That’s because it’s fitted with possibly the best set of wheels anyone will ever own. Whether it’s uneven cobblestones or sandy beaches that you’re looking to conquer – it will never hold you back. From the city-proof Bugaboo Bee to the all-terrain Bugaboo Fox, all of our strollers are engineered to keep you moving. And as your feather-light newborn grows into a lively toddler, your push can remain as gentle as ever and your journey will still be smooth.

Baby strollers Bugaboo | Luxury strollers | Bugaboo

Premium quality and design

Bugaboo is good design. But it’s good design that stems from a core drive to make parents’ lives easier. By innovating extraordinary products, our good design has the potential to keep families pushing forward. In order to make this a reality, we bring our designs to life with high-quality high-performing materials. Once created - we test the prototypes, making and remaking them in the process. That way you know you’re not just getting good design, but perfected execution.

Baby strollers Bugaboo | Luxury strollers | Bugaboo

Built to last

We make conscious choices about how we create our products and pride ourselves on the fact that we design products to last, built from high-quality materials, replaceable parts and easily repairable designs. Ultimately we strive to reduce our environmental impact, and add value where we can.

Baby strollers Bugaboo | Luxury strollers | Bugaboo

Versatile seat

Whichever Bugaboo stroller you choose - you can rest assured in knowing that you’re always getting a first-class seat, even before your child can sit. A Bugaboo stroller will support your child from day one, whether in a bassinet or a reclinable seat. While the bassinet was engineered for newborns, the reclinable seat has a double functionality. Recline while napping; seated upright while active. The direction is also left up to you: facing you to facilitate connection, or facing the world to stimulate their senses.

Make it your own

Though made equal, our strollers are all different. They’re made to fit a multitude of lifestyles, tastes, and sensibilities. There is a perfect Bugaboo stroller for you and your family – because if there isn’t – you’re free to create it. Modular design enables you to customize: add or change accessories that you want or need to support your family. Enhance your selections with the ever-changing colors and patterns. And if you want something even more special, our artist collaborations are all limited editions.

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Baby strollers Bugaboo | Luxury strollers | Bugaboo

Enjoy the ride

Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna

Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna is the car seat stroller system that connects from car to stroller and back again for an effortless journey. Light, seamless and safe, it’s everything you need to enjoy the ride.

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Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna car seat