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  • what is new about the bugaboo fox?

    The Bugaboo Fox is an all-new stroller designed to fit your lifestyle:
    • The most comfortable stroll thanks to its central joint suspension and big wheels. 

    • Strong and sturdy yet ultralight (9.9kg) and compact for easy lifting and carrying.

    • Designed to last from durable materials and fabrics. 

    • Modular design means you can customize your stroller and refresh your look for a new season or a new baby.

    • Large, easily accessible under seat basket with special storage pockets. Holds up to 10kg

    • Easily attach Bugaboo accessories (like the cup holder, parasol, comfort wheeled board) to your stroller with the integrated attachment points 

    • High seat placement (59 cm) in combination with a stable stroller. Perfect for lifting your child in & out and using the stroller at the table

    • Easy to apply and release with a simple shoe-friendly clicking action.

    • Recycled fabrics

  • how many kg can I have in bugaboo fox?

    The Bugaboo Fox can carry up to 9 kg in the bassinet and up to 22 kg in the seat. Please note that you can only carry up to 9 kg with the carry handle. The underseat basket of the Bugaboo Fox holds 10 kg.

  • what are the technical features (dimensions and weight) of the bugaboo fox?

    Technical Specs Bugaboo Fox: DIMENSIONS:   

    Unfolded: dimensions vary according to position of handlebar, please see below

    Handlebar in lowest position

    Length 83.4 cm  

    Height 88.5 cm 

    Width 60 cm 

    Handlebar in highest position

    Length 106.4 cm 

    Height 108.5 cm


    Folded without wheels: 66 x 54 x 19cm (l x w x h)

    Large front wheels: 8.5 inch, rear wheels: 12 inch

    product weight

    product weight complete stroller 9.9 KG

    (chassis, wheels, seat)

  • where can I find the serial number for my bugaboo fox?

    You can find the serial number of your Bugaboo Fox by checking the middle bar of the chassis. Your serial number starts with the sequence 2601.

  • which car seats are compatible with the bugaboo fox?

    The Bugaboo Car Seat Adapters provide a safe and easy connection between a car seat and the Bugaboo Fox. You can see which car seats are compatible and which have been tested with our Bugaboo Adapters on the car seat adapters page.

  • is the bugaboo fox replacing any of our existing products in the portfolio?

    The Bugaboo Fox is not a direct replacement for any existing products, it’s a new stroller with new features. The Bugaboo Fox is the next step in the evolution of our strollers, which we design to make it easier for people to move freely. We tapped into our 20 years of design knowledge and experience –including everything we’ve learnt from our other models – to create the ultimate comfort stroller. Strong and sturdy, yet ultralight & compact, and with our best drive performance yet, the Bugaboo Fox is the stroller with no compromises. 

  • which accessories are compatible with the bugaboo fox?

    Bugaboo Accessories are designed specifically to customize your Bugaboo Fox and enhance your journey. You can check out the accessories page to add a dash of color and extra comfort to your stroller. Select the Bugaboo Fox from the drop down menu to view compatible accessories

  • is the comfort wheeled board compatible with the bugaboo fox?

    The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board (2017 model pictured below) makes use of the intergrated attachment points on the Bugaboo Fox chassis. This wheeled board simply clicks directly into the chassis. For more information about how to assemble and attach your bugaboo comfort wheeled board, please consult your user guide.


    To connect the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board (2015 model pictured below) to the Bugaboo Fox, a connection part is required instead of an adapter, as the integrated attachment points remove the need for an adapter. The part required is called the Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board+ connection part - item code: 880600.  


    The Bugaboo Fox does not support older wheeled boards. 

  • how do I fold the bugaboo fox?

    Watch the video.

  • how do I attach the bassinet fabric?

    Watch the video.

  • how do I attach the seat fabric?

    Watch the video.

  • are the bugaboo fox fabrics machine washable?

    The Bugaboo Fox seat fabric, bassinet fabric, apron, and sun canopy are all detachable and machine washable. Care labels attached to each fabric itself relate to the specific washing instructions for that item.
    The foam inside the seat fabric should be taken out before washing. The foam can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Insert the foam back in the seat fabric after cleaning before assembling the seat fabric back in your Bugaboo Fox. Do not use the seat without the foam. Ensure you detach the stiffeners from the bassinet/carrycot fabric before washing.
    The Bugaboo Fox mattress cover and the aerated inlay of the mattress are detachable and machine

    washable. The aerated inlay is placed on top of the mattress foam and can be removed by taking off the mattress cover. The mattress foam can be cleaned with a damp cloth. After washing, ensure that all mattress parts are dry and replaced in their original position. The aerated inlay should be placed on top of the foam mattress, please refer to the instruction drawings. Do not use the mattress without the aerated inlay. 

    The Bugaboo Fox underseat basket is non-washable, but can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. When washing the fabric, remember the following: - maximum temperature 30°C (cold wash) - do not bleach - do not tumble dry - do not iron or dry clean