bugaboo flex plan

Wouldn’t it be great if you could lease a stroller? Only pay for the time you use it (with a minimum of 6 months) and switch according to your needs. When your child has outgrown it or you want to try something new, we will ensure making another family happy with this stroller. Make the most of our products with the Bugaboo Flex Plan.

Our starting point is the desire to make products that last. With the Bugaboo Flex Plan pilot project, we extend the lives of our products*. You can help us to have a positive impact on our planet by keeping them in use for a longer period of time.

The Bugaboo Flex Plan is a flexible lease system that allows you to switch your stroller model and accessories to suit your lifestyle and the ever-changing needs of your family. Since the Bugaboo Flex Plan is in the testing phase, we really appreciate your feedback. We will ask you to share your experiences as a participant** to help us to improve the plan.

benefits of the bugaboo flex plan:

  • Only pay for the period in which you use the products.
  • Pay a monthly fee as opposed to a complete sum at purchase.
  • Full Bugaboo warranty applies for the entire contract period.
  • Option to switch your stroller once a year and accessories every six months
  • Products are delivered and collected when your contract ends.
  • Contract can be ended after six months.

* Products that have been used previously are always carefully checked with regards to functionality and safety. Any damaged parts are replaced. The strollers are professionally cleaned, and the mattress is always new.

** If you request information, you will be registered by our Customer Service Department. If you decide not to participate in the pilot program, we will send one follow-up email to ask for your feedback.


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