A stylish escape to Stockholm

woodworker Jared in Stockholm

A stylish escape to Stockholm

2015-06-17 - To celebrate the launch of the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape, we hosted a competition to send two lucky families on a escape with their very own all-terrain stroller. We sent woodworker Jared and illustrator Lindsey Pemberton from Florida together with their daughter Rosemund on a somewhat chilly break to Stockholm, Sweden.

How did you found out you won the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape contest?
Jared Pemberton: “Lindsey had entered the contest on a whim, and I had completely forgotten about it. So, I was shocked when Lindsey called me at work saying: ‘You better get your passport because we're going to Sweden!’”
Lindsey Pemberton: “We had never won anything before so there was a little bit of disbelief until the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape showed up at our door. I think we had a hard time talking about anything other than Sweden in the weeks that followed.” 

Have you travelled a lot since having a child?
Jared: “Our trip to Stockholm is the first vacation we have taken as a family since Rose was born. She did surprisingly well on the flights, although the flight back was much better because Lindsey and I finally found our stride in working together as a team. The main thing we would probably do differently is pack lots of food on the flights and... bring more than one bottle for the baby (in case she throws down her glass one so that it cracks and you have to fashion a water bottle into a nipple-less baby bottle for the next 12 hours).”
Lindsey: “Traveling – whether on a long trip or a short weekend trip – is important to our family. We want to enjoy the time we have together as much as possible, and it seems like getting out of town to change things up once in a while really helps us to do that. We tend to feel like we have a fresh perspective on life afterwards.”

What was your first impression of Stockholm?
Jared:  “The first thing that we noticed about the city was how perfectly put together it was. Everything was coloured in muted pastels and earth tones. The other thing that stood out was that everyone (almost everyone) spoke English fluently, down to colloquialisms.”
Lindsey: “I think one of the best memories we have is of our second night there at the Hotel Skeppshomen. After getting Rose to sleep in spite of the jet lag, I ordered a traditional and delicious Swedish meal – meatballs with a truffle sauce, creamy potatoes, and the freshest bred with lingonberries and whipped butter. We dined in bed while watching a movie and rested our tired feet from a full day of walking.”
Jared: “Second to that would have to be spending the day exploring in the Old Town while ducking into coffee houses for hot espresso to warm our fingers and escape the cold rain. Last but not least, the coffee itself. It was always rich and smooth. We still find ourselves daydreaming about it.’ 

What are your thoughts on the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape?
Jared: “We both like being outdoors and this stroller has been a perfect tool for helping us go where we want.  Whether it is on a trail lined with tree roots, the beach, or a city sidewalk, it handles all of these terrains really well. I also like the fact that pushing it doesn’t feel like hard work, I can push it with one hand!”

Will you ever go back to Sweden?
Lindsey: “If we ever get the chance to go back to Stockholm, we would do it in a heartbeat. There are parts of Swedish culture that I think we have taken home with us. Fika for one (the reversed word for kaffi or coffee, red.), is a tradition that we would eagerly adopt The perfect excuse for a coffee and a treat is always welcome.”
Jared: “In retrospect, traveling is something that we all enjoy, and I hope we can make it a part of our family's traditions. I remember when we were driving back from the airport after our final flight – our home town in Florida felt fresh, we didn't resent the perennial warm weather, and we felt ready to take on everyday life again.”