Function and Interaction Developer

Location: headquarters amsterdam, NL
Department: Project development

The Function and Interaction Developer develops the functions that are required to satisfy user requirements, bridging the gap between the needs of users and the functions of products. He/she creates scenarios, user experience and develops the right semantics. The Function Interaction Developer will be active in the NCD phase under the guidance of the Integrator together with the Designer Look and Feel and Technical Developer.


  • Identify the behavior and (latent) needs of users
  • Derive system requirements from use cases
  • Develop product functions in harmony with the desired aesthetics and technology.
  • Actively practice the process of integrating of form, function and technology.

Professional Skills

  • Ergonomics: Making sure that our products fit the human body and its cognitive abilities.
  • Scripting and story telling: The ability to articulate and visualize user experiences in pictures and words.
  • Recognize and typify user groups and categories.
  • Intellectual property knowledge: Basic understanding of IP design protection methods like patents and design (model) protection.
  • Making functional models and prototypes: Making models that are technically functional, that can be used to test and validate. Applying (rapid) prototyping techniques.
  • Anthropometrics: Specialized in shapes, sizes, strength and weight of users.

Personal Competences

  • Analytical thinking
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Helicopter view

We have no vacancies at this moment. However, if you are interested in working at Bugaboo, feel free to send your CV with your motivations and credentials (e.g. cover letter) by e-mail to