Hit the road: running tips

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Hit the road: running tips

2015-07-20 - Whether you were an avid runner before you became a parent or you have the desire to pick up running for the first time, these tips will inspire you to make running an enjoyable experience for you and your child. So grab your running stroller and get those active juices going!

We asked two professionals for their best advice: Tarek Othman, personal trainer at The Bootcamp Club in Amsterdam, and Emma Redding, founder of Buggyfit fitness classes for mums based in the United Kingdom. Here are some things to think about. 

1. Before you head out:
Make sure your child is happy.
 Choose the right time to go out for a run. Is it before naptime or after snack time? See what works for your child. Pack some extra snacks for the ride, and a few toys for entertainment. Don’t forget to attach them to the stroller, so you can avoid stopping every few minutes to pick them up. 
Plan your route. Even though the Bugaboo Runner has air-filled tyres to ensure the smoothest ride possible, you may want to avoid busy areas and stick to flatter roads instead of going up and down sidewalks. Keep yourselves entertained with different sceneries; try your local park, woods or waterfront.  
Practice your turns. The Bugaboo Runner has a fixed front wheel, which ensures a smoother run with better tracking and less wobbling. This does mean that you have to lift the front wheel from the ground to steer. Give it a go before you hit the road! 
Dress for the weather. You may want to dress light for your run – always calculate the current temperature plus 10 degrees Celsius – but don’t forget your child is sitting still, catching wind. On chillier mornings and late afternoons, a foot muff will keep your child cosy and comfortable.

2. During your run: 
Keep your form in check. Find the balance between having a good grip on the handlebar and keeping your upper body loose enough to get a good rhythm going. Secure the handlebar lower than you would do with your regular stroller to make sure that your shoulders and arms stay relaxed while running, guaranteeing a better running posture. Activate your abdominals to keep your posture in check and alternate your arms frequently while using the safety strap. 
Make it fun. Running with your partner or a friend can be a great motivation. And be sure to engage with your child. Children love seeing new sights and exploring new places and your jog can be a great opportunity for them to do so. Talk to them along the way, point out passing runners, play I Spy or sing songs!  
If you’re not ready to run, walk. A power walk is a great way to warm up to running. Walking can be progressed by increasing speed and distance, which in turn will improve fitness levels, increase stamina and improve your mood.

3. When you get the hang of it: 
Mix it up. Incorporate exercises like squats, lunges and sprints into your run to burn extra calories. You can even teach your child to cheer you on, by clapping hands and saying, “Go mum, go dad!” 
Choose a running app. There are loads of apps that can help you to set goals, plan routes and track your progress. We like MapMyRun (a free app for your iPhone that uses GPS to follow your run), Nike+Running (record your progress and challenge your friends) and Big Cat Race (a fun app which allows you child to race imaginary big cats). 
Get social. Share your runs or exchange tips with other parents by tagging your photos on Instagram and Twitter with #runfree #bugaboorunner!

Meet our real-life runner and mother of Lily, Jessica Dorsey. A hard-core running nerd, as she describes herself, she is the perfect embodiment of our RunFree mentality!