A world record with the Bugaboo runner

Kate Martini Freeman

A world record with the Bugaboo runner

2015-10-06 - Two legs, three wheels, and a baby in a good mood. That’s all Kate Martini Freeman (33) from California needed this week to break a world record. Together with daughter Bardot Freeman (9 months) she ran the Huntington Beach End of Summer Marathon and finished in 3 hours, 25 minutes and 40 seconds.

The young mom from California set a record: her goal was to break the women's record for running a marathon with a stroller. The previous record was set at 3 hours and 31 minutes. “I was really nervous”, Freeman tells. “Three weeks before the race I went for a 20 mile run with Bardot in the Bugaboo Runner. She didn’t really like it, I had to stop a few times to play with her and to feed her. When I started the race Saturday, I was a little worried. I thought I was not going to be able to continue running, and I was thinking a lot about how I should keep Bardot in a good mood.” But this time, Freeman didn’t have to stop during the race. She credits her daughter for it: “The race started at 6.30 am. That made a huge difference. My daughter usually is in a pretty good mood in the mornings.”

But it isn’t just that. Baby Bardot also has a mother that prepared for this race a lot. She used the bar of the Bugaboo Runner and attached toys to it with straps. Every time Bardot would get bored during the race, Freeman would give her a new toy. “We started with a very old wooden dog. I thought it looked super cool, and so did Bardot. She played with it for an hour. After that, I gave her a bottle and put the stroller in sleep modus; Bardot felt a sleep and took a forty-minute nap. When she woke up, I was two hours into the race. During her nap I ran faster, because I didn’t know in what mood she would wake up.”In a very good mood, it turned out. Baby Bardot is used to being in the Bugaboo Runner. Her dad and her mom, who works as the director of a hair color company, take her for a run frequently. Freeman sees it as a true ‘mother and daughter moment’. “If I run with her in the Bugaboo Runner, I can look at her all the time.” Freeman’s running story is extra special. She was still recovering from a broken leg when she got pregnant, and was walking with crutches during half of her pregnancy. A couple of months ago, Freeman started running with Bardot (now 18lb) in the Bugaboo Runner whenever she could. Together with her good friend Jessica, she started a runner club for families called Family Fun Runs. Every week, they run 5 to 6 miles together with their kids in the strollers.

Curious how baby Bardot did during the last part of Freeman’s marathon? She woke up perfectly fine. Freeman saved the best toy for the last moments. “I gave her a toy with lots of lights, buttons and music. Bardot loved it. She really did an amazing job.” If it’s up to Freeman, she will soon run another marathon with her daughter in the Bugaboo Runner. She would love to finish even faster than she did this week, so that she can break her own record, together with her daughter.