A stylish escape to Mallorca


A stylish escape to Mallorca

2015-06-10 - To celebrate the launch of the Bugaboo Buffalo Escape, we hosted a competition to send two lucky families on a escape with their very own all-terrain stroller. Alyssa and Shane Yuhas together with their two year-old son Sasha, were shipped-off from Toronto, Canada to the picturesque island of Mallorca.

How do you integrate travelling into your family’s life?
“Travelling is important to us, because we really want Sasha (our 2 year old son) to learn not only from books but also through experience. Travelling is such an amazing way to get out of your comfort zone and learn from other cultures and people. We want our family to explore, ask questions and experience new things – not only travelling abroad but during our daily lives!”

What do you love about escaping to Mallorca?
“We loved escaping to the island, because of the beautiful landscapes and history of the small towns. Shane and I would often look at each other and say, ‘is this even real?’ As the scenery felt like a backdrop, it was so picturesque. We always love exploring, eating and documenting our trips in a fun way, so we felt incredibly inspired being in Mallorca. Plus, there were so many other families visiting the island and everywhere we went (for nice dinners, etc) they were incredibly accommodating and welcoming of our son, Sasha.”

How has having a child changed or enhanced your life?
“Having a child has changed our life in so many ways. It's made us slow down, and really savour the little things. He's made our world new again, and parts of our life or tradition that had become routine, have a new sense of magic about them. We get to see the world through his eyes.” 

How has this stroller allowed you get around easily?
“We love the 5 point, one-click harness which allows us to easily get Sasha in and out of the stroller. When he is sleeping and we want to transfer him into his own bed, the harness easily releases in one click and we don't have to struggle to get him out of the stroller. We also LOVE the extended canopy. This is ideal for when he is napping in his stroller or when it's really sunny. We also love how it has a spacious underseat basket and can handle a lot of weight (idea for when we get groceries!).
I could go on and on...”

And what about day-to-day?
“Living in Toronto we don't own a vehicle, which means we rely on our stroller to get groceries, navigate transit and carry any items we need for a day out. We can easily get around the city with everything we need and Sasha loves it!”