Move Freely with Bugaboo

Move Freely with Bugaboo

2017-05-17 - What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Bugaboo”? Strollers? Kids? Sex and the City? You wouldn’t be alone. But Bugaboo isn’t a stroller company. We're a mobility company…

We took people by surprise when we launched our revolutionary Bugaboo Boxer luggage system last year. Now we’re bringing our vision to life with an inspirational short film called “Move Freely”. It’s our first ever global brand campaign, and we hope it will help people understand where we’re coming from — and where we’re going.

Shot over three days in New York City and Toronto, the film follows the journeys of two urban explorers as they make their way through a bustling city. The film shows how — even amidst the non-stop chaos of a metropolis in full flow —there’s a smoother, freer way to move. Bugaboo CMO Madeleen Klaasen explains:

“People know us for our iconic strollers but our company was never just about strollers; it has always been about helping people move freely.” 

As our brand promise, “Move Freely” underpins everything we do. We make ground-breaking products for people who believe in pushing forward through life, and taking the road less traveled.

More than that, Move Freely is about celebrating freedom of movement in all its forms. As human beings we have a primal need to move free. It’s in our DNA.

But modern life can get pretty hectic. Full of obstacles, big and small. Commuters weave and dodge each other along pavements. Traffic beeps nose to nose all the way to the place you need to go. People squeeze onto delayed trains like sardines in a can. The run to the local shop can feel like a trek up a mountain. An everyday battle just to get someplace. 

We believe there’s another way. An easier stroll, an effortless turn, a freer sprint. Something that feels a lot more downhill. Where you can move without anything holding you back. So you can get from A to B and all the other letters in the alphabet. At your own pace, in your own time. Free to move wherever you want to.

More than anything else, we want to lighten the load of every journey. The parents going for a stroll, the travelers on vacation, the businessmen and women who need to catch the 6.45 flight — we want to improve mobility for everyone.

So far we’ve put the stroll into stroller and taken the lug out of luggage. We’re also preparing to launch additional products in the future.

Like we always say… 

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