Bugaboo Boxer.

The revolutionary luggage system.

It’s not what you choose to pack, but how you take it with you. We've tapped into over 20 years of mobility expertise to design a luggage system that's going to change the way people move again.

This is not a suitcase.
It's a system.

Forget everything you know about luggage. We didn't just improve the suitcase. We created a new way to get from A to B. Interlocking cases click together to create an easy-to-maneuver system that holds all of your bags in one place. Reconfigure it in seconds on a train, at security, during boarding - or on your way to the moon.

Power of push.

Traditional suitcases can be a drag to maneuver, especially when you want to move fast. Our revolutionary light push steering turns the burden of carting around luggage into a smooth experience. Give your back and arms a break with an ergonomic design that's made to glide effortlessly.

Always more to discover.

We're all about the small stuff. Every detail was carefully designed to meet the needs of today's travelers. Whether it's the luggage strap that secures your coat, the click-on / click-off organizer that keeps your essentials close, the versatile inner bag that doubles as a daypack, or the wide-grip adjustable handle - the little things make a big impact.

Choose the way you move.

Click into action.

Keep your essentials close.

Organize and expand.

Choose the way you move.

Steer it out front or pull it behind. The Bugaboo Boxer is made to move with you. Its push steering and two-wheel pull create a glide so effortless, it almost feels like you're not traveling with luggage at all. On rough terrain, we recommend the pull, while navigating airports calls for the push. You can even drive it with one hand.

Click into action.

When it's time to stow the chassis, it’s easy to fold into a compact unit. Just press the white button in the center of the wide-grip handlebar and push down. The handlebar telescopes in one smooth motion, and the rear wheels fold and lock into place with a click. Pull it back up to unfold the wheels then adjust the handlebar to your preferred height. You’re ready to go again.

Keep your essentials close.

The Organizer keeps your essentials close and easy to access. It conveniently clips onto the outside of your chassis, so its dedicated pockets for your laptop, passport, phone, charger and more are always within reach. Can also be worn as a shoulder bag.

Organize and expand.

A multi-purpose liner that doubles as a daypack. Organize your belongings inside this handy inner bag before you go, then unzip it from the case at your destination. Use it as a bag when you explore, or pack extra purchases inside and attach it directly to the chassis for the trip home.

Near or far. Short trip or a long journey. The Bugaboo Boxer is as versatile as you need it to be. It starts with the Chassis and expands with the Cabin Case and the Travel Case or both. Pick the setup you want and the colors you like. You’re in charge.

Bugaboo Boxer Chassis.

Your journey starts here. The easy-to-steer backbone of the luggage system.

Bugaboo Boxer Travel Case.

Your convenient check-in. Made for longer journeys.

Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Cases.

Two different sizes of carry-on cases. Pick the one that suits your travel style.

Fully loaded.

Chassis, Travel Case & Cabin Case (Inner Bag included).


Strictly business.

Chassis, Cabin Case (Inner Bag included) & Laptop Bag.


Short trips.

Chassis & Cabin Case (Inner Bag included).


This is a wholly superior way of transporting luggage…

A modular suitcase designed to accommodate any and all travel needs a man might have.

The luggage rolls with an impossible smoothness.

Far easier mobility than most suitcases that have four wheels.