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Technical developer

Location: headquarters Amsterdam, NL 

Department: product development

The Technical Developer specifies, develops and validates structures, mechanisms and systems in line with the design and the product architecture. The Technical Developer will be active in the NCD phase under the guidance of the Integrator and work closely together with the Function and Interaction Developer.


  • Develop optimal technical solutions for the creative concept, in cooperation with the team, with the desired functions and aesthetics. Actively practice the process of integration of form, function and technology.
  • Develop system requirements and lower level requirements for the developed solutions.
  • Deliver technical proof for the concept by calculations, tests or other means.

Professional Skills

  • Mechanical design: Ability to apply robust design principles to fulfill required functions.
  • Strength and Stiffness: Ability to size parts correctly to withstand applicable load cases.
  • Statics and Dynamics: Ability to derive load cases in static and dynamic (incl impact) use situations.
  • Tribology: Ability to size parts and choose material combinations to withstand wear and tear usage.
  • Material application: Ability to apply appropriate materials in the concept/product.
  • Value engineering: Ability to monitor the expected costs and optimize costs against functions.
  • Write requirements: Ability to write requirements at the right level of abstraction/detail, which are testable. Define (mis)use cases and derive load cases from there.
  • Verification and Validation: Ability to design a test method, to be able to verify the requirement.
  • Design for manufacturing: Ability to apply relevant production techniques for producing the concept/product.
  • Design for assembly: Understanding of DFA philosophy and knowledge of assembling techniques.
  • Use relevant software: Solidworks, Spaceclaim and/or Mathcad.

The Technical Developer has basic understanding of:

  • Design for Sustainability: Understanding of Design for sustainability philosophy and be able to apply it in design.
  • FEM Calculation: Ability to perform advanced strength and stiffness calculations with the help of finite element method.
  • Knowledge of project collaboration tools: Ability to work with rapid learning cycle framework and collaborative planning.
  • Compliance standards and regulations: Ability to find and work with applicable standards.

Personal Competences

  • Conceptual thinking: Abstract thinking/ structural concepts/ vision.Creativity: Coming up with original solutions for problems, thinking of new approaches or methods.
  • Initiative: Being alert for opportunities, new situations or problems, and act accordingly at an early stage. Identifying problems or obstacles and solving them as quickly as possible.
  • Cooperation: Contributing to a common result through effective team work.


  • Mechanical Engineering

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