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Lead engineer

Location: headquarters Amsterdam, NL 

Department: product development

The Lead Engineer (LE) is responsible for the technical integrity of the product including hardware, fabrics and packaging during the New Product Development phase (NPD). Together with the team, the LE translates the released concept from New Concept Development (NCD) to final product design, ready for mass production. The LE guides the team to perform detailed product development, release for tooling, preparation of assembly line, rigorous product testing & optimization, and release for mass production. The LE partners with the project manager to realize the project within time and budget constraints.


  • Responsible to deliver the complete and validated final product that is manufactured reliably at the production location.
  • Apply the system engineering approach.
  • Cooperate with and challenge the project’s Integrator during NCD to receive a clear and feasible design concept and set of system requirements.
  • Translate the completed system requirements into measurable derived requirements suitable for testing & validation.
  • Setup the product’s verification/validation by means of a solid test program in alignment with the quality team.
  • Support the engineers/sub-system owners: decision making, reviewing and challenging the chosen design principles and requirements, etc.
  • Initiate risk analyses on system level. If unable to review the content to sufficient detail, arrange and confirm a technical review with a competent resource
  • Safeguard the technical integrity and completeness of the product, including hardware, fabrics and packaging.
  • Ensure that the solutions comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards, responsible business targets and applicable sustainability requirements.
  • Approve and release the product definition for technical validation, industrialization and mass production.
  • Align with the project manager on the overall project and product progress on timing, budget and cost targets and using collaborative tools to lead the regular (weekly) team meeting.
  • Cooperate with the future Technical Product Owner to hand-over the complete Product Definition to Sustaining (SPD).
  • Manage the work of the project team:
  • Assign tasks to team members.
  • Assess the performance of team members in the performance management cycle.
  • Identify training and development needs for the team members.
  • Coach the team members in their role.

Professional Skills

  • The LE has extensive experience in one of the product developer roles within NPD.
  • The LE has the skills of the mechanical or fabric engineer.

Personal Competences

  • Communication: The ability to put ideas, opinions, arguments and decisions orally and in writing in language that is geared towards the reader. Communicating ideas, opinions, arguments and decisions in a clear way.
  • Helicopter view: Keeping eye on detail, without loosing big picture, agile to zoom in and out.
  • People-oriented leadership: Providing direction and guidance for coworkers in a stimulating manner. Adapting one’s leadership style and method to the individuals involved. Encouraging cooperation.
  • Planning & organizing: The efficient use of people and tools in order to reach objectives or results or to implement plans.


  • Mechanical Engineering