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Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo

Buzzing around the city, traveling around the world

2020-02-18 — Estás de camino a tu cafetería preferida. Las calles están abarrotadas y desprenden una animada vida urbana. Todo lo que necesitas es que tu bebé haga una siesta para que puedas ponerte al día con un amigo - o de una pausa - café de 5 minutos. Aquí es dónde el Bugaboo Bee entra en acción.

Everyone knows that getting ready to welcome a baby into this world is very exciting, and at times a bit stressful too. Choosing a stroller that matches your taste and needs can feel like a complicated puzzle, and is often time-consuming. With a new baby on the way, you probably want to cross out as many things as possible from your must-have list, but still, make sure you get what’s best for your baby.

If you’re looking for a city stroller, read on to find out what customers think about their Bugaboo Bee. We will also walk you through the must-know details about its design, functionalities, and key features.

1. Smart design for ultimate comfort 

If you’re looking for a new stroller, you’re probably asking yourself: “What kind of stroller do I need?”, “Which stroller is best for my newborn?” or even “How does it fold?”. These and other questions that may come to your mind are important when doing your research. At the end of the day, all you want is to find a stroller that is safe, comfortable and has everything to fit your daily routine and lifestyle.

Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo

The Bugaboo Bee is a complete stroller that features compact lightweight design and is suitable for an infant or a toddler. When used with the Bugaboo Bee bassinet or baby cocoon, it provides your baby with the comfort they need during their first months. The smooth suspension ensures a smooth ride so that your baby or toddler can sleep safely without waking up, no matter how bumpy the ride gets. 

As your child grows, the ergonomic seat provides consistent back support, thanks to the firm backbone structure in the seat hardware. Adjustable in height and length, you can tailor it to your child’s height, so that they can always sit comfortably.

"¡¡¡Nos encanta!!!

Nos encanta nuestro carrito Bugaboo Bee. Es tan fácil de maniobrar. Lo que adoramos especialmente del Bee es que puedes extender la silla y el respaldo. ¡Creo que ese es su mayor beneficio! En general. Nunca dejaremos escapar a nuestro Bee y, esperamos usarlo con nuestro segundo hijo. 

Scottikim, de Hamburgo (Alemania)

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2. Strolling down the streets in style

Our design process is based on the concept of creating the perfect stroller for every parent. Whether you choose an original Bugaboo look or prefer to create your own, our in-house stylists are always researching new colors and patterns to keep bringing the latest trends to you. 

Did you know that our iconic yellow is the signature Bugaboo Bee color?

A stroller to call your own: full customizable options

Are you already set on a specific color? Or are you looking for an original look? If you’re feeling inspired, unleash your creative side and design your own Bugaboo Bee. Start with the color of the chassis and go all the way, finishing it with your favorite accessories and fabric color.

Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo
Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo
Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo
Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo

“So versatile!

I bought the Bugaboo Bee 5 after many hours of testing a lot of pushchairs! The Bee stood out from them all. I loved the size, the manoevrability, the customisation with so many different combinations and fabric colours, the height adjustable handle and the parent and world facing seat and the bassinet is - all amazingly well designed with superb build quality.

Sandy D, from Nottingham (England)

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Bugaboo Bee special editions: that one-in-a-million look

If you’re looking for a unique, exclusive look, don’t forget to check our special editions. They are the result of our collaboration with great artists and designers from around the globe who help you bring original, fun, and art-inspired styles along for the ride. We also love to get inspiration directly from parents through continuous testing and research, so we can keep innovating.

Bugaboo Bee 5 Colección Mineral — inspirado en los colores de la naturaleza

"Mi Bugaboo preferido

Compré este carrito para mi hijo de 1 añito. Es un carrito fantástico, robusto pero compacto. Además, es súper fácil de maniobrar con una sola mano y súper confortable para mi pequeño. Me encanta que como todos los Bugaboo se puedan cambiar las fundas, ¡así parece que siempre que quieras tengas un carrito nuevo!

Looby4, de Rotherham Yorkshire del Sur (Inglaterra)

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No matter which style you choose, your stroller will transform any sidewalk into your daily catwalk, and turn every crosswalk into a backdrop for your personal fashion show.

3. Cosmopolitan at heart

Perfectly home in the city, no other stroller has been designed to fit the urban setting as well as the Bugaboo Bee. The size of the wheels, the strong, yet compact lightweight frame. Every detail has been carefully crafted to make life in the city—and on the go—as smooth as it can be.

“Best everyday stroller!

We bought it 2 years ago and haven’t regretted it since. It’s the perfect everyday stroller and we love how lightweight it is, yet while being stable and durable on the road.

Kristin, from Geneva (Switzerland)

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The Bugaboo Bee will be your best companion on the way to work, for a walk in the park, or while doing groceries. New to the parenting game or not, you won’t need to worry about anything but enjoying the most thrilling city adventures—and all the regular day-to-day stuff as well. At the end of the day, love is in the small things.

Perfect all rounder

I am on my second baby with this pram and am still impressed by how it adapts to our family’s changing needs. New baby in the bassinet and toddler on the wheeled board. An organiser on either side, 2 drink holders and room to spare. All we need for an overnight packed onto one convenient lightweight and sturdy frame.

Elsie16, from Perth (Australia)”

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Buzzing around the city | Blog | Bugaboo

We wanted to design a stroller that can make the life of urban families easier, at home or on the go. Everything in the Bugaboo stroller has been designed by parents, for parents, to offer top performance through busy streets, tight corners or steep curbs. 

Nimble, without compromising on comfort—even if you’re looking for a stroller for travel, the Bugaboo Bee will not let you down.. It’s a complete stroller, compact and lightweight enough to easily pop in the trunk of your car, or navigate through busy airports and stations with ease.

“Lovely pushchair

Bought this awhile ago and we’re so happy that we did. We love the design better for travelling and we’re just in love with it.

Jamie024, from London (England)

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So if you’re looking for a complete city stroller, don’t just wing it—choose the stroller that not only can make your life easier, but also offers top comfort for your baby. If it is for the city, it has to be the Bee.