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Location: Headquarters Amsterdam, NL 

Department: Product development

The Integrator leads the product developers during New Concept Development (NCD). The Integrator is responsible for the execution of the complete development of a creative concept in a NCD project, until handover to New Product Development (NPD). The Integrator reports to the Chief Design Officer (CDO).


  • Responsible for the creation and validation of a creative concept in line with the concept essence owned by the CDO.
  • Applies the system engineering approach and owns requirements, solutions and verifications in Cockpit, during NCD.
  • Cooperates with the future Lead Engineer to deliver a clear and feasible concept definition to NPD.
  • Leads the assigned product developers and takes design- and technical decisions in the team. Takes decisions at (sub)-module level in time and creates options to come to a decision on Concept (System) level.
  • Responsible to ensure solutions comply with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.
  • Be pro-active to take the product to a higher level. Look for opportunities and threats, take initiative.
  • Act as an ambassador for the product, be a link and communicate clearly among the team, the CDO and the company.

The Integrator manages the work of the project team:

  • Assigns tasks, planning and work load.
  • Assesses the performance of team members in the Performance Management cycle.
  • Identifies training and development needs for the team members.
  • Coaches them in their role.

Professional Skills

  • The integrator has extensive experience in one of the product developer roles in the NCD phases (Look and Feel developer, Form and Function Developer or Technical Developer). Specific skills for the Integrator role are:
  • Write requirements: Ability to write requirements at the right level of abstraction/detail, which are testable. Define (mis)use cases and derive load cases from there.
  • Scripting and storytelling: Ability to articulate and visualize current and future user experiences in pictures and words.
  • Knowledge of project collaboration tools: Ability to work with RLC framework.

The Integrator is proficient in:

  • Ability to create feasible ideas.
  • Risk analysis: Ability to organize e.g. FMEA or other risk analysis.
  • Compliance standards and regulations: Ability to find and work with applicable standards.
  • Intellectual property: Ability to screen for ideas and infringement in patent database and knowledge about IP design protection methods like Patents and design (model) protection.
  • Value engineering: Ability to monitor the expected costs and optimize costs against functions.

Personal Competences:

  • Communication: The ability to put ideas, opinions, arguments and decisions orally and in writing in language that is geared towards the reader. Communicating ideas, opinions, arguments and decisions in a clear way.
  • Helicopter view: Keeping eye on detail of the design, without losing the big picture, agile to zoom in and out.
  • People oriented leadership: Providing direction and guidance for coworkers in a stimulating manner. Adapting one’s leadership style and method to the individuals involved. Encouraging cooperation.
  • Planning & organizing: The efficient use of people and tools in order to reach objectives or results or to implement plans.
  • Initiative: Being alert for opportunities, new situations or problems, and act accordingly at an early stage. Identifying problems or obstacles and solving them as quickly as possible.
  • Cooperation: Contributing to a common result through effective team work.


  • Design (Academic level)

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