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Bugaboo recalls wool blanket and wool seat liner in Canada

Consistent with our commitment to safety we conduct rigorous routine quality tests. During one of our quality checks we have found an issue with the small brown label of the Bugaboo soft wool blankets (off-white and light grey) and the Bugaboo wool seat liner. The ink used on the small brown labels contains lead. Supported by the results from an independent external certified test laboratory, we can conclude that there is no immediate health risk. However, as maintaining the highest level of quality standards is paramount to Bugaboo, we recall 35 wool products, in close consultation with Health Canada, and offer consumers a full refund.


How to check your product

Please check the manufacturing week on the label attached to the product. The Bugaboo wool seat liner (one color) and Bugaboo wool blankets (off-white or light grey) manufactured between the dates below will be refunded.

a.      Bugaboo wool seat liners year/week between: 2018/42 until 2019/50.

b.      Bugaboo wool blankets year/week between: 2019/10 until 2019/30.

Example of label which contains manufacturing date

1.      Please check if your product contains a concerned label.

2.      Please reach out to our Customer Service for the full refund via: 1-800-460-2922 or

Recall Bugaboo wool products CA
Recall Bugaboo wool products CA
Recall Bugaboo wool products CA