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Bugaboo Stardust: reinventing bedtime with our new travel cot

Everybody knows Bugaboo for reinventing the stroller business 20 years ago. This year we bring our own unique perspective to parenthood once again, making the complicated, uncomplicated. We proudly introduce the Bugaboo Stardust: the 1 second unfold travel cot! 

We asked our Senior Lead Designer Marco Nieuwenhuizen what the approach to the Bugaboo Stardust was: “With the Bugaboo Stardust, we've designed another high-end product that, for the first time, is not directly linked to strollers but will come with the same quality and durability as parents have come to love. With this new product, we can play a more significant part in their everyday lives”. 

Bugaboo Stardust combines aerospace technology with design ingenuity to create an ultra-comfortable, all-in-one, 1 second pop-up travel cot. Whether parents are travelling, visiting friends and family or simply moving around the house from room-to-roomStardust gives parents and their babies freedom and comfort wherever they are. 

Unfolds in 1 second 

Bugaboo Stardust’s 1-second easy unfold means getting your baby to sleep, or ready to play, has never been easier.  Bugaboo Stardust’s unique design means it stays in one piece. It requires no assembly, no special techniquesit simply pops up and is ready to go in 1 second. The built-in mattress folds back together in one simple movement in just 3 seconds, with no need to remove the mattress.  

Bugaboo Stardust | Bugaboo Blog
Bugaboo Stardust | Bugaboo Blog

The Bugaboo Stardust is designed so that parents can easily reach the fold buttons, but the child could never have access to them. Safety is at the heart of everything we build. We've also simplified the overall look to make sure the Bugaboo Stardust fits nicely in any room you put it in. All the fixings are hidden to make sure the design looks as clean and straightforward as possible”, Nieuwenhuizen explains. 


The Bugaboo Stardust has comfort at its core. The built-in, multi-layered mattress gives comfort and support to a child, whilst being lightweight. It’s all about more restful sleep for the baby and longer afternoon naps. For younger babies, the pop-up travel cot comes with a zip-in bed for newborns and the mattress fits perfectly at both levels. The bassinet height makes it easy to lift the newborn in and out without bending over.  


For Bugaboo’s CEO, Adriaan Thierry‘”The launch of Bugaboo Stardust is an exciting expansion for the Bugaboo brand. This innovative new product combines our design expertise, pioneering mindset and drive for quality, helping to make the lives of parents and children easier and more fun".  


The Bugaboo Stardust will only be available in the UK, US, and Canada in 2020. Please sign up here to get notified once it's available in your region.