Bugaboo Hearts Denim

Bugaboo Hearts Denim

2015-10-29 - “Denim is a unisex, versatile and no-nonsense material. It’s also kind of rebellious! All of these qualities make it a perfect fit for Bugaboo” says Madeleen Klaasen, Chief Marketing Officer at Bugaboo.

To celebrate Bugaboo’s latest collaboration with Diesel – a beautifully crafted and worn-in denim stroller, which goes on sale on 1 November – we’ve taken a closer look at our special relationship with blue jeans.

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The world loves denim

Denim has been around for a seriously long time. From gold rushes to recessions, to designer denim, the material has seen it all. The word ‘denim’ comes from name of a material, serge de Nimes, created in Nimes, France. And according to popular history, the very first pair of jeans was made in the USA, way back in 1871 by a Latvian émigré and tailor called Jacob W Davis. Davis was looking to create a new kind of material for work wear and needed something that was incredibly durable and suitable for heavy duty.

Since then, the material has been through a myriad of incarnations, from cowboys, to miners, to hippies, to punk rock. In fact it has almost always been the fabric of choice for youth culture, starting from the very first generation of teenagers back in the early 1950s when jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion epitomized by James Dean in the film Rebel Without a Cause and Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits.

Bugaboo’s Denim History: Our love for denim throughout the years  

Bugaboo has always had a thing for denim. We love the fabric’s utilitarian, no-nonsense yet rebellious appeal. And on top of that, denim is one of the few looks that never goes out of style. Each generation picks it up and makes it their own. Way back in 2005, we designed the ‘perfect pair of jeans’: a fabric set for the Bugaboo Frog Denim. This made us the very first company to bring denim to a stroller- and it quickly became our most popular and most loved fabric.  

Bugaboo Hearts Denim | Blog

Then in 2007, our iconic Bugaboo Cameleon was dressed in a denim fabric; the collection was titled Denim 007.

Bugaboo Hearts Denim | Blog

In 2012, Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes was invited to create her dream stroller with Amsterdam-based denim guru, Jason Denham of Denham The Jeanmaker. This custom-made stroller was made from specially aged denim all the way from Japan.

Bugaboo Hearts Denim | Blog

It’s safe to say we have history with the world’s favorite fabric! 

And now… Bugaboo by Diesel Denim  

This year, we’ve found our perfect partner in denim crime by working with Diesel – a pioneer in fashion with more than 35 years of experience in denim craftsmanship. Denim is at the very essence of Diesel’s DNA, did you know that Diesel’s founder, Renzo Rosso, started out his company by selling worn-in and aged jeans from the back of his car?

Together with the Italian fashion brand, we’ve now made perhaps the ultimate denim stroller: the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim. A new stroller that feels like your favorite pair of jeans: worn-in and comfortable with the odd spill and splatter here and there. 

We also built in some very authentic details: the central joint, for instance, is based on a rivet you’d find on your Diesel jeans, as are the special pockets and pocket stitching. The hand-treated fabric itself has been given a special finish with paint splatters. This, and black, leather-look details give the stroller a rebellious touch.

 “Our passion for denim is stitched into the fabric of each and every Bugaboo by Diesel Denim.” says Bugaboo's Madeleen Klaasen.

Bugaboo Hearts Denim | Blog

The Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel, Bugaboo by Diesel Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Donkey and the matching denim and leather bag will be available on Bugaboo.com on 1 November 2015.