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Prams for more than one

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Double the fun

The comfortable side by side prams for growing families who want to stay connected wherever they go with one or two kids.

Which side by side pram is right for you?

Donkey 3 Duo

The side by side sibling pram

It's the ingenious two-child ride that lets siblings of different ages bond and share experiences with the same amount of comfort on every stroll.

All terrain

Side by side

Easy to manoeuvre

Smaller than you think

Donkey 3 Twin

The side by side twin pram

The ultimate twin pram that helps twins bond and share experiences side by side from day one.

Donkey 3 Mono

The future-ready pram

The pram that grows with you as your family expands. Go from a spacious Mono to a comfy Duo mode in only three clicks.

What makes our prams so brilliant?

There's a Bugaboo pram for every family

We know that prams, just like families, should come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why you’ll always find the perfect match with us.

The Bugaboo promise

We sweat the details, so you don't have to. Our designers and engineers spend years developing, testing, and refining every product far beyond industry standards. So you can be sure that every joint, stitch, and click is designed to help you and your family enjoy the most comfortable ride, whatever the journey.

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