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5 reasons why you'll love your Bugaboo Fox

5 reasons why you'll love your Bugaboo Fox

2019-07-22 - Discover the Bugaboo Fox, our ultimate pushchair with power steering. This compact yet full-sized pushchair has been designed to make navigating busy streets, corners and tight spaces a breeze. It’s also a great all-terrain stroller, perfect for your off-road adventures.

Above: Lucia Liencres (@lucialiencres) enjoying a sunny day at the beach with her Bugaboo Fox.

1. It’s comfortable, for you and your baby.

The first days after welcoming a baby to the world are exciting, delightful, but can also be overwhelming, and extremely tiring. That’s why you will need a stroller that can provide your child with all the comfort and safety they need during the first months of their lives. You will also need a stroller that can make every moment enjoyable, even for you.

Why you'll love the Bugaboo Fox | Blog

Product weight: 21.8 lbs

Total weight capacity: 50 lbs (until around 48 months)

3. It’s like power steering for your stroller.

The Bugaboo Fox is a complete stroller when it comes to comfort, but also a great all-terrain stroller. It was specially designed to offer you the most comfortable ride yet, and fewer bumps⁠—no matter what kind of terrain you’re about to take on. Some will say it’s like driving the sports car of strollers.

Why you'll love the Bugaboo Fox | Blog

Whether you’re using it with the bassinet or the seat, the advanced central-joint suspension and the big wheels on this stroller will create a smooth and steady ride. It will be a true driving experience, especially for you! You'll be ready for anything your day will bring you, both in the city or during fun off-road adventures.

4. The high seat position.

Why you'll love the Bugaboo Fox | Blog

The high seat position keeps your child closer to you and is the optimal height for lifting them in and out. When going out to a restaurant, or even for a dinner party with family and friends, the seat also doubles as a high chair, making it even more perfect for when you’re on the go.

Whenever you make last-minute plans to eat out or find yourself with a baby in a busy restaurant or café, you will no longer have to struggle or worry about finding a place for your child to have a meal. Because the Bugaboo Fox has a higher seat position, you will be able to keep your little one comfortably seated on the stroller, to enjoy the meal together.

Is your toddler a slow eater? No problem - you can simply attach one of our handy stroller trays, and stroll away without making anyone unhappy. You also don’t need to worry if your child spills or makes a mess! If they drop anything on the stroller seat, just use a damp cloth to clean, or throw the fabrics in the washing machine once you’re home, and you’re done!

5. It’s stylish, it’s functional, like all our strollers.

The modular design of the Bugaboo Fox makes it possible for you to create your ideal stroller by mixing and matching the different fabrics, wheel caps, and grips. Our range of stroller accessories also makes it easy for you to make the Bugaboo Fox work for you, from attachable bags to wheeled boards for your toddler.

Why you'll love the Bugaboo Fox | Blog

Looking for a blue or pink stroller? The Bugaboo Fox is available in a range of beautiful colors

Like all our strollers, it comes with an adjustable handlebar and reversible and reclinable seat, these features not only make it adaptable for your lifestyle but also perfect for your child. Get ready for any situation!

Excellent Choice

“Easy to push, simple to fold, versatile, looks lovely, interchangeable colours and well built.”

— A parent from Brighton, United Kingdom

We love our Fox

“We just purchased the Fox for our new born and we love using it every single day. It's super easy to to use, drives like a car and he sleeps perfectly. Love it!.”

⁠— A parent from New Amsterdam, United States

Excellent Purchase

“Great allrounder. Sturdy yet compact when folded and light. Great control and feel. Option to customise so yours looks different from the crowd.”

— A parent from South East, United Kingdom