Urban art down under with Vans the Omega

Vans the Omega

Urban art down under with Vans the Omega

2017-08-25 - Contemporary graffiti artist and master of color Joel Van Moore hails from Adelaide in southern Australia. He and his wife Tara just welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Violet. We asked Joel about life as a world-renowned artist and how he’s balancing work and family.

Would you say you have a signature aesthetic, Joel? 

Color and pattern would have to be two of my main calling cards. They always reflect my travels, natural surroundings and emotion on a personal level.

What has inspired you (recently) that you would say has influenced your work?

Time has become a factor I can't ignore as a parent & has made me decide on slowing down and just taking the extra days to get a painting right instead of crunching out the amount of work I am used to in much shorter time frames. Having the stillness and not rushing is helping me to produce some of my best work and is allowing me to absorb the environment I am painting in and interact with the passing public.

How does your family play a role in your work?

It definitely helps me to be clear about priorities. Letting go of projects that don't contribute to a better family life while still exploring new ideas and producing great work while staying inspired and generating work from the heart. My family is such a support mechanism and helps drive me creatively.

What do you like best so far about being a Dad?

Taking focus away from myself and giving everything to my daughter Violet. All the small things add up as a Dad, the gentle touch, noises and smiles she makes really fuel me as a human. I love taking her on adventures and sharing stories.

Why did you choose a Bugaboo by Niark1 stroller?

It was an obvious choice and felt like an extension of my passion for color and design. Everywhere we take Violet people comment about the Niark1 design and wonder if I have had it custom painted. They say "It's very you, haha”. Well, that’s true. 

Where’d you take your first stroll together?

Violet was born just before I rolled out Wonderwalls Festival at Port Adelaide, so I was really keen to take her to the Port and show her the amazing street art and get some great pics with her. We also do a lot of walking close to home and visit all the latest walls that I am working on with Tara & Violet together.

How do you envision combining work life and family life?

Well I can say after 12 weeks that I am just integrating work as it comes along. My priority has completely shifted focus towards Violet so I am happy to take longer doing my work and spacing it out so that I have as much quality time with her as possible.

For your job you travel to most cool / weird / unexpected / awesome places, how will you combine this having a young family?

When Violet is a bit older I will take her & Tara along with me to all the crazy places when it suits and can be something exciting for us all. I have let many jobs go in the past 4 months OS so that I can be home and just adjust to being a father with family support and good old fashion nurturing.

Any tips for other cool parents looking for a stroller?

Don't forget quality and a sense of personality when making a decision. The stroller has to be able to go where you are used to traveling and is an obvious extension of personal style to invest in.